Pirates Past Noon #4

Pirates Past Noon #4
Climb the ladder to the time of pirates. Will Jack and Annie find buried treasure? Or will they walk the plank? Join them on this adventure to the days of deserted islands and skull and crossbones flags flying from a pirate ship.

Pirates Past Noon, Magic Tree House #4 by Mary Pope Osborne

It’s a rainy day in Frog Creek, Pennsylvania. Annie and Jack watch the rain and suddenly Annie says she feels like they should go to the tree house. She thinks the ‘M’ person will be there today.

They climb the rope ladder up to the tree house and they start to think about things that have happened to them.

They have traveled to the land of the dinosaurs, the time of knights, and ancient Egypt. They have gathered three clues: the gold medallion, the leather bookmark and the ‘M’ glowing faintly in the wood on the floor of the tree house.

There is an open book lying in the corner and Annie picks it up. They stare at the picture of the page – it’s a sunny beach, a green parrot and a palm tree with a ship sailing on a blue sea. Just then another gust of rain blows into the tree house window. Annie points to the picture and says “I wish we were there instead”.

The wind whistles, the leaves shake, and the tree house begins to spin. Faster and faster! Then everything is still. They smell saltwater and hear the sounds of waves. Their tree house is now in a palm tree and out in the beautiful sea is a tall sailing ship. Just like the picture in the book!

They are excited to take off their raincoats and climb down to the beach. The water is warm and the see tiny fish and shells. Now the sailing boat is getting closer and they can see the flag. The flag is black with a skull and crossbones! Now they look at the cover of the book Pirates in the Caribbean and they realize they have come to the time of the pirates!

Pirates come and capture them and want them to show where Captain Kidd’s treasure is to be found. On board the pirate ship some pirates are dancing, some are drinking and many are fighting – some with swords and some with fists.

Jack and Annie are in quite a predicament. Will they be able to get home to Frog Creek? Read and find out…

Pirates Past Noon and Pirates – FACT TRACKER

Note: All Magic Tree House books are from my personal library.

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