Prevention Total Body Guide

Prevention Total Body Guide
The Prevention Total Body Guide is put out by the well known Prevention magazine group. It gives 10 minute workouts and promotes the low carb diet.

The first half of the book is about exercise. The exercises are all simple but effective. They don't require trips to the gym or hours of free time. There are series of exercises that can be done in spare moments that you have available. There are tips for sticking with an exercise program, suggestions for longer workouts and stretching / yoga information as well.

The second half of the book is how to eat in a healthy manner. The introduction to this section says, "We at Prevention believe that cutting carbs and pumping up protein, when planned wisely, may be the most effective and satisfying way to lose weight and keep it off!"

They further go on to say, "In addition to weight loss, family doctors have been surprised to see that the people who have followed this remarkable approach have reduced their risk of heart disease, diabetes, and cancer while also boosting their energy levels and getting a new outlook on life."

The book explains that while in the past doctors felt that muscle loss was inevitable as you age, that new studies show that it comes down to older people not eating enough protein. That a person who continues to eat ample protein and exercise as they age will maintain their muscle tone.

There is a small collection of recipes, such as the Fried Eggs with Vinegar breakfast recipe, but many involve bread or are otherwise unsuitable. Their recipe for peanut butter cookies creates cookies that are 7g carb each! Still, the book is a nice, general overview of low carb diets, has many easy exercise programs and even has stress relieving ideas in the back. A good book to pick up for a quick, easy to understand introduction to the low carb world!

Amazon doesn't seem to carry this, but I've seen it on magazine racks where the Prevention magazine is sold. You might also find it on various used book markets.

I purchased this book with my own funds in order to do this review.

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