Slow Music Reduces your Appetite

Slow Music Reduces your Appetite
Are you looking to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight? Try playing slow music while you eat - it can reduce your intake by up to 40%!

Many people tend to eat quickly in our fast-paced society. It can take a while for the stomach's "I'm Full" message to reach the brain. If you are eating too quickly, you may eat another half a meal before you realize that you were actually full a while ago. The extra calories you packed in go right to your hips as fat.

By listening to gentle music while you eat, you lower your stress levels and eat more slowly. You actually hear your body's message of "I'm full now" instead of continuing to push more food into your mouth. The result? Less calories in, the same amount of fullness, and your weight becomes more healthy!

This is exactly the same phenomenon that happens to people in Europe who eat meals slowly while talking with friends, sitting at a sidewalk cafe. Because they eat slowly and leisurely, they are able to listen to when their body says it is full. The end result is they eat less, they feel comfortably full, and they stay thinner.

Be sure to drink 8 glasses of water a day, too. The water will help you feel full, and also help get nutrients and vitamins around to your body properly. It will also help flush excess material out of your system, so that it does not linger and become fat!

Find some of your favorite slow songs, make a play list out of them, and put it on any time you eat! You might be impressed with how much a simple change like this can help with your dieting efforts.

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