A Mantra - Trust Me - I Am Your Sanctuary

A Mantra - Trust Me - I Am Your Sanctuary
Trust is a state of existence in a relationship that isn’t always easy to attain. Trust is a feeling that allows both people in a relationship to feel safe regarding the honesty and reliability and faithfulness of their partner. Trust is what allows a person to believe that their partner is the one person that they need to be with to feel safe, protected and loved. Trust is to a relationship what sanctuary is to one seeking protection from anyone or anything pursuing them both physically and emotionally. Trust in your partner and their trust in you creates the invisible circle that envelopes two people in a relationship and allows them to find safety and sanctuary with each other. Trust is sanctuary.

Finding a level of trust that creates a state of sanctuary is not always easily attained. Generally the level of trust increases as time passes and neither party gives the other a reason not to trust them. Trust at any point in a relationship requires a leap of faith. If you take that leap and find it to have been the right choice then you are lucky enough to attain sanctuary.

So how do you make that leap? Perhaps first you have to trust yourself. Perhaps you have to determine first if you are trustworthy and if you determine that indeed you are able to be trusted by your partner then you are justified in your expectations that you should be able to trust your partner as well.

Trust Me - I Am Your Sanctuary - A Relationships Mantra

Trust Me – I Am Your Sanctuary.
When you seek approval of who you are, I accept you as you are.

Trust Me – I Am Your Sanctuary.
When you need to feel protected as you sleep just below the surface of confusion, I watch you breathe.

Trust Me – I Am Your Sanctuary.
When you need to be comforted, yet believe you should not cry, I find no fault or weakness in your tears.

Trust Me – I Am Your Sanctuary.
Respect me and I will treat your heart with tender loving care. No matter if it faintly beats in sorrow and difficulty or beats loud and strong in good times, I will protect your heart if you will protect mine. I will respect you, if you will respect me.

Trust Me – I Am Your Sanctuary – If You are Mine.
I will not break your trusting heart, if you will not break mine.

Trust Me – I Am Your Sanctuary – If You are Mine !

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