Chicken Wing Recipes

Chicken Wing Recipes
Chicken wings have been called the perfect low carb food by many cooks. Here are some great tips and recipes for enjoying your chicken wings! Be sure to buy in bulk - you can easily get a pound of wings for 99 cents or less if you do :)

Choose a Good Deep Fryer
Throw out any old fryer you have that has a built-in fry bucket or no cover. There were some pretty nasty models on the market until recently! Get something that has a bucket you can remove to wash. Get something where the lid closes while the items cook. It makes a HUGE difference in keeping things clean and therefore in how often you'll use it. It's well worth the $40 or $50 for a cooking item you will easily use weekly. Here's the one we got -
Philips Deluxe Deep Fryer

Match the Oil, the Meat and the Times
We fry in olive oil, or canola oil if we're out. We fry small wings for about 12 minutes, or thighs for 14 minutes. Experiment to see which amounts work well in which oils in your system. Be sure to rotate to clean oil frequently and to keep your system clean.
Cooking Oil Type and Use Chart

Add some Spice
Once the wings come out, sprinkle some spice on them. We have a Jerk blend and a Cajun blend that are both GREAT. Just dust the wings with it before eating. We also have a Hooters wing sauce that is 0g carbs and REALLY tasty. If you can find it, it's great to add into your flavor rotation.
Hooters Wing Sauce Review

Eat your wings with some celery sticks, or with a low carb beer. Your wings are probably 0g carb unless you added a strange carb-laden sauce to them. They're full of protein. And they're tasty! Experiment with flavor combinations, and see which wings you enjoy the most!
Low Carb Beer Chart

So again, to summarize the recipe: Get a deep fryer. Fill it with oil. Heat it to whatever temperature the deep fryer and / or chicken wings bag recommends. It's usually around 350F. Dump in wings or thighs for 12-14 minutes. Remove, drain, and spice if desired! It really is that simple. Making chicken wings has got to be one of the easiest things you can do, and the protein is healthy for you!

The key for good chicken wings really is to fry them healthily and to eat healthy snacks along with them. Enjoy!

Philips Deluxe Deep Fryer Review

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