A Basic Natural Skincare Routine II

A Basic Natural Skincare Routine II
This article continues on with the next three important ingredients to your basic skin care routine.

3. Mask
After you exfoliate, you'll want to apply a mask to your face to pull out any impurities that the scrubbing released from your skin. For a basic mask, all you'll need is betonite clay and water. Betonite clay can also be found a a natural food store. This clay has been used since ancient times and it alone can do the job that masks with many ingredients purport to do. You'll basically follow the same procedures as for the scrub – mix about 2 tablespoons of clay and water together to make a paste. Apply a semi-thick layer of paste all over your face, avoiding your eyes and mouth, and let it set for 15 to 20 minutes. It will harden so it's best to take it off with a warm, damp washcloth. Your skin should feel very refreshed, soft, and tight after your mask.

4. Toner
A good toner is another beauty basic that your skin craves. Toners were created to make sure that the skin returns to it's normal happy pH after being manipulated through the previous cleansing steps. My favorite super simple toners consists of using witch hazel or half apple cider vinegar diluted with half water. For sensitive to normal skin, witch hazel would be my choice. Apple cider vinegar is a good choice for oilier skin. If you can put it in a spray bottle, that'll be the best for your skin. This is because the spritz allows just the right amount to land on the face. If you don't have a spritzer bottle, you can still apply with a cotton ball – just make sure you apply it lightly.

5. Moisturizer
After your toner, your last step is a moisturizer. I'm going to suggest that for a basic, good moisturizer, you should use an oil. This maybe seem contrary to common sense but in truth, oils are great moisturizers and wont leave your skin feeling greasy and wont cause breakouts. Olive oil is an excellent choice and if you have the extra funds, both almond oil and apricot kernel oil are great for the facial skin. With any oil, you'll apply in circular motions to your skin, wait a few minutes for it to absorb into your skin, and then if you like pat off any excess oil that hasn't absorbed yet. It may take a minute to get used to, but your skin will feel great afterward.

This regimen will help your skin get back balanced. It takes about 28 days for your skin cells to replace themselves and so I would try this regimen for a month before I decide whether it's working for me or not. If it is working, I would continue for about 2 more months before I decided to try anything else in order to give my skin a chance to get super health again. And if you like the routine, why not stick with it! You can begin to experiment with different essential oils in the various products and soon have your very own customized skin care regimen specifically designed by you, for you!

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