Cancer Fighting Foods for Cancer Prevention

Cancer Fighting Foods for Cancer Prevention
This anti-cancer diet based on the best cancer fighting foods can help you to decrease your risk of diabetes, fight cancer naturally, prevent heart disease and even lose weight.

And studies show up to 20% of all cancer deaths in the U.S. are related to being overweight.

Besides the fact that carrying excess weight, body fat or being obese has been shown to put you at a much greater risk for heart disease and diabetes, being overweight has now also been shown to put you at a much greater risk for colon, kidney, pancreas and breast cancer.

Excess body weight, especially fat around the waist, has been linked to both insulin resistance and the high insulin levels that are thought to promote the growth of cancer cells.

Too much body fat also seems to contribute to inflammation, which can promote cancer growth. Older women are at a greater risk because extra body fat is also associated with the higher levels of estrogen that stimulate estrogen-sensitive cancers of the breast and endometrium.

Best Cancer Fighting Foods for an Anti-Cancer Diet

Most cancer prevention researchers agree that a lifelong commitment to a healthy low-calorie Mediterranean diet is the best way to lose excess weight and maintain a healthy weight. And it's also the best way to help protect yourself from diabetes, heart disease and cancer.

Here are your Mediterranean diet guidelines for diabetes, heart disease and cancer prevention:
  • Eat less red meat and drink less alcohol.
  • Have fish and poultry several times a week.
  • Include more fruits, vegetables and whole grains.
  • Use herbs and spices to flavor foods rather than salt.
  • And choose healthy olive oil instead of other oils or butter.
Excellent anti-cancer diet strategies also include limiting your consumption of high fat foods, especially red meats, full-fat diary, deep fried foods and sweets, like ice cream, pastries and most desserts. Also, always make sure you choose the best quality, low-fat protein rich foods.

And add at least five to nine daily servings of fresh fruits and vegetables to your anti-cancer diet.

Plant based cancer fighting foods are essential to your cancer prevention diet because they're foods high in fiber that are loaded with vitamins and minerals. And they're also the best source for the cancer prevention antioxidants – carotenoids, flavonoids and cruciferous phytonutrients.

According to most reliable authorities, this anti-cancer diet of cancer fighting foods encourages life-long eating habit changes that will help you to lose weight and maintain your weight loss.

What Else Can You Do for Cancer Prevention?

Getting enough daily exercise is another vitally important anti-cancer strategy. The American Institute for Cancer Research recommends at least thirty minutes a day of moderate exercise such as taking a walk around the block, going for a swim or climbing some stairs.

Better yet, to help you manage your weight and to provide even better cancer prevention, aim for sixty minutes of moderate exercise or thirty minutes of vigorous activity every day.

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