Fruit Juice Carb Chart - Atkins

Fruit Juice Carb Chart - Atkins
Fruit juices are in general a sugar-rich product. The manufacturers take the fiber rich fruit, leave behind all the fiber, and all you get are the fruit sugars and colors.

Sad to say, the carb counts on many fruit juices are similar to that of regular Coke, which has 30g carbs per 8oz glass! In addition, the acids are known to eat away at your teeth, causing them to decay more quickly.

All in all, it's far better to eat the raw fruit, to get its full fiber and nutrition.

I include some vegetable juices in this listing to help provide a comparison.

These counts are all net carbs. All are 8oz servings.

acerola juice - 8g
apple juice, unsweetened - 29g
carrot juice - 24g
cranberry juice - 36g
grape juice - 19g
grapefruit juice - 11g
lemon juice - 20g
lime juice - 23.5g
orange juice - 26g
passion fruit juice - 32g
pineapple juice - 34g
pomegranate juice - 32g
prune juice - 40g
tangerine juice - 24g
tomato juice - 5g
V-8 juice - 10g
watermelon juice - 16g

It's intriguing, why don't we have peach or pear juice? Why just apple juice?

It's also interesting to me that while actual whole watermelon is very low in carbs - with only 2.6g per 1/4 cup - that watermelon juice is quite high in carbs. I guess when they distill down the watermelon flavor into a juice, you get all the sugars.

Fruit Carb Chart
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