Always Tired? Causes of Extreme Fatigue in Women

Always Tired? Causes of Extreme Fatigue in Women
Are you always tired? Many women are. And for at least 15% of American women, this constant extreme fatigue is so intense that it interferes with them having a normal, active, happy life.

But even though always feeling tired is common in women, it's not natural or necessary.

So if extreme fatigue is ruining your life and your only solution so far is a 5 hour energy drink, then it’s time to take the “Red Bull” by the horns and fight fatigue with natural healthy methods.

What Causes Extreme Fatigue in Women?

When feeling always tired is not just a reaction to too much physical exertion, a poor diet or too little sleep, it could be a symptom of one of the following physical or psychological factors.
  • Anemia, from iron or vitamin deficiency, internal or external bleeding, kidney failure, rheumatoid arthritis, cancer or some other degenerative disease, causes fatigue.

  • Diabetes onset comes with an early warning signal of feeling tired all the time, indicating that a person's insulin production and blood sugar levels are out of control.

  • Depression, grief or too much emotional stress can cause a lack of energy, sleeplessness and feelings of lethargy and constant tiredness.

  • Hypothyroidism (under-active thyroid) makes you feel tired with muscle fatigue.

  • Degenerative diseases, such as rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, fibromyalgia, heart disease and cancer, all come with early warning signals of low energy and extreme fatigue.

  • Regular use of alcohol, drugs or medications, like antihistamines, diuretics, sleeping pills, blood pressure medications, or illegal drugs, such as cocaine, can cause you to feel tired or drowsy.
Other causes of extreme fatigue in women include pregnancy and menopause. However, feeling always tired is usually the result of simple lifestyle factors that can be easily addressed with lifestyle changes. These include overwork, poor diet and not getting enough sleep.

How to Stop Feeling So Tired All the Time

Whether your causes of fatigue are serious or not, these simple solutions to always feeling tired can help. So set down that extra can of extreme caffeine and start following these guidelines.
  • Practice stress management. Set priorities, pace yourself, learn to say "no" and take time each day to simply relax. These are all part of good stress management.

  • Avoid alcohol and drugs. Even small amounts of alcohol, drugs and certain medications can depress your central nervous system and make you feel tired for hours.

  • Establish good sleep habits. Learn how to get a good night’s sleep with a regular routine. And avoid any activities around bedtime that could keep you awake.

  • Exercise moderately. It's vitally important to give regular physical activity a high priority and include at least 30 minutes of moderate exercise every single day.

  • Eat a healthy sugar-free diet. Feeling tired all the time is usually the result of poor nutrition. A healthy low glycemic diet, high in good omega 3 fish oil, low in bad fat and rich in nutritious high fiber foods will improve both your energy and your health.
A well-nourished body generally has more than enough buoyant, vibrant energy and vitality. If you want to stop always feeling tired and start looking and feeling your absolute best, with an abundance of natural energy, begin taking the steps above to get rid of your extreme fatigue.

A healthy lifestyle and quality nutritional supplements can help you feel better faster. For my highest health supplement recommendations, go to the feel better and omega 3 web sites.

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