Living Simply Improve Your Life Book Review

Living Simply Improve Your Life Book Review
It’s that time of year when our thoughts turn to cleaning. But where to start? Kitchen? Closets? The garage? Oh my! The clutter is everywhere! Clutter around the house kicks my Attention Deficit Disorder into high gear. Now is the time to read the book Living Simply-Improve Your Life With Less Clutter by Tina Razzell.

Tina Razzell is the BellaOnline Living Simply editor. She became a devotee of the less cluttered home when she moved from England to the United States. Getting rid of half of her family’s possessions taught her that the less she had, the better she felt. Fewer possessions freed her time. She was no longer a hostage to the things in her life. Tina cleaned house less and enjoyed life more.

This book goes beyond the mantra “throw it away, give it away, put it away;” although she does recommend these things. Tina Razzell delves into the reasons that our houses become cluttered in the first place. Chapter 5 is short and succinct. It tells six of the main physical reasons for clutter. Some we already know. There’s that place where the mail gets dumped, until it’s a teetering stack that looks like a demented sculpture. We have days where we are just too tired or distracted to deal with putting things away. But have you ever thought that you don’t get rid of items because you convince yourself that they have ‘value?’ That skirt that you paid $50 for on sale has been unworn in your closet for how many years? Fifty dollars is a lot of money, but the skirt does you no good hanging around attracting dirt. Put it into a consignment shop if it’s a classic. Give it away or throw it away, if it’s not!

Chapter 4 deals with the reasons that we have clutter. Tina Razzell really examines the emotional issues that go along with accumulating clutter. This is done in a straightforward and nonjudgmental way. In my own life, I am trapped by things that have memories associated with them. My home has dozens of items that I do not use, but I can’t get rid of them, since they belonged to a person that I loved. After reading Tina’s article about this on her website, I have taken tiny steps. Some things have left my home, and I am hopeful that more of them will be carried out the door. This chapter helped me to take those first steps.

Tina has several chapters on what to do with those items that you don’t want. She gives directions on how to get rid of all of that unwanted clutter. From giving to charity to putting items on Freecycle, it’s all in this book. Guess what? Once your garage is uncluttered, you could have a garage sale! Chapter 22 tells how to get that garage sale organized for success. If you rent a storage unit, Chapter 23 can help you save money. It tells how to clear the clutter out of that storage unit.

Motivation is always a problem for me with my Attention Deficit Disorder. This is doubly true for doing household chores. Chapter 8-How to Motivate Yourself to Get Rid of Clutter is a practical, workable plan. It has built-in incentives for folks who have been living with clutter for years.

While the author might not have meant to structure it in this fashion, her book is designed with a person who has ADD in mind. The chapters are short and meaningful. Bold print and white space make the text very accessible. The text doesn’t just run together in one big, blurry jumble. The bold print tells what you will be reading about. The text below gives details. Then, there is white space between the text and the next idea that is in bold print.

As I get older with my Attention Deficit Disorder, I have found out how to make my life better. However, the house can still use some work! There are many books that claim to tell you how to remove clutter. Tina Razell’s book, Living Simply-Improve Your Life With Less Clutter, delivers on its promise.

A download of this book to review was provided for me at no charge by Tina Razzell.

I highly recommend this book. This book was first published as an e-book by BellaOnline. If you are interested in viewing the table of contents or purchasing a downloadable PDF, click on the link below.

Living Simply - Improve Your Life with Less Clutter

Another option is loading it onto a Kindle. A link to the book on Amazon is provided below.

Living Simply - Improve Your Life with Less Clutter

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