Live Well with Attention Deficit Disorder

Live Well with Attention Deficit Disorder
A life that is well-lived has a healthy balance of work and recreation. Sometimes, it is difficult to get those things done that we must do. Finding a way to complete them satisfactorily is important. Recreation is necessary to keep your outlook fresh and your life filled with zest.

Here are some ways to help keep your life in balance:

Learn to do necessary tasks that you don’t want to do. Digging in and doing a job that needs to get done is an excellent way to relieve stress. Especially if having that undone chore hanging over your head is helping to cause the stress! If you have something to do that you just can't face, there are a couple of different ways to help yourself complete the project. You can promise yourself a reward. Knowing that you will get a reward at the end may help you get started. Research has shown that people with ADD are better able to attend if they have a reward. Make sure that it is a reward that you really want.

Another way to get things done is to start doing something that your really dislike doing, instead of working on the job that you have been avoiding. Paula from Montreal sent me a tip. When you are stuck and can't seem to move forward on a project, find something else to do that you don't really like to do. If you don't enjoy cleaning closets, choose that. Then, you'll start thinking, "Hey, I really hate cleaning closets. I wish there was something else that I could do!" Thankfully, there is...your original project that you were spinning your wheels on.

Find one area that bothers you about yourself, then change it. I have a quick temper, and the way I was raised was punitive. I did not want to get angry with my students and say hurtful things. I aspire to be constructive. So, I make sure that I say positive and caring things to them. This does not come naturally to me. It is a choice that I consciously make every day when I am with other people.

Develop a hobby or activity that helps to improve the symptoms of ADD. Martial arts are a wonderful way to improve the symptoms of Attention Deficit Disorder. Tai Chi is a moving meditation that helps enhance concentration while releasing energy. It is done slowly, but you can get quite a workout when you are practicing Tai Chi. Athletic people might enjoy Capoeira, also known as Brazilian fight dancing. Concentration and timing is developed through this martial art. However, the quick motion used in the kicks and acrobatics is a great way to burn energy. Capoeira includes movement and music. Music releases dopamine. This can help boost a person’s mood and concentration.

Plan vacations and holidays, so that they will be relaxing. Decide as a family where you want to go and how much you are able to spend. Make a budget using input from all of the people who are going. When traveling, take your own healthy snacks. That way, you don't have to stop at service stations to get food. Use your resting stops to go to the park-like stops. Get out and walk around. Burn some energy off! Only stop at gas stations to buy gas. This limits impulse spending and eating those junk foods.

Make sure that children know the basic safety rules, including any rules that would be particular for the place where you are going. An example would be not to play on glaciers in some national parks. Little kids with ADHD can be incredibly fast on their feet and creative about evading adult supervision. Talk with the kids about vacation trip safety. Don’t just “lay down the law,” give them the good reasons why they should follow these safety ideas.
These are a few things that you need to tell them:
*Be careful around cars and stay with your group.
*Leave fire crackers alone, unless you are supervised by an adult in your group.
*Never give out personal information to strangers, not even to people that you have met and talked to on the trip. They are still strangers, even though you may have talked to them several times.

Keep the lines of communications open between you and your kids. Have great vacation trips with your precious ones!

Find something to laugh about each day. It will help to brighten your outlook. Look for the ridiculous in situations. Enjoy the natural comedy that occurs in families, with pets, and watching children play. Look at funny videos online. Find a source of jokes and funny stories. Laugh at your mistakes; you’ll feel better for having done so.

Having a healthy blend of work and recreation can aid you in developing those inner resources that are necessary in times of stress. When you always take a “rain check” on leisure time activities, you are losing opportunities for regeneration. Work is important, but restoring your energy through pleasurable pastimes is essential for your long-term happiness with Attention Deficit Disorder.

Links below can provide supplemental reading about subjects that were mentioned in the article.

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