Motivation, Inspiration, Karma – A Good Combo

Motivation, Inspiration, Karma – A Good  Combo
Life is what it is… Some days, life is great, sometimes it’s depressing and sometimes it’s just so…so… But “On Any Given Day…” you might just wake up and on that day, life just might be amazing. Could today be that day for you? ...Or tomorrow or the next day? Think Motivation, Inspiration and Karma!

Life isn’t always good and it also isn’t always bad. It’s not always happy and it follows it’s not always sad. Many days it’s just sort of OK. You get through work, and you get through your work out that you don’t feel like doing, and you eat and you sleep and then it’s a new day. The hum-drum-ness of it all can sometimes just get so monotonous that it’s easy to begin to ask, “is that all there is?”

Sometimes by happenstance, just by chance, you just wake up and circumstances unfold to create an amazing day. But you can’t always just play a game of chance if you’d like to have more not less of those amazing days. So how can you stack the deck?

Well, if you allow yourself to slip into the “is that all there is” train of thought then that just might be the case but if you force yourself each day to think about what motivates you and what or who inspires you to get up and face another day, at some point you just might start to notice that you’re having more and more of those amazing days. On any given day the combo of Motivation and Inspiration and Karma can change your life and how you are living it.

So you might be thinking that all that Motivation and Inspiration takes a great deal of energy and you’re not sure how to go about keeping it all going. Well, let’s compare two possible outcomes. If you sit around in a hum-drum mode waiting for good things to come, your life will probably be pretty dull; but if you use motivation and inspiration every day to do at least one thing to add some interest and success into your life, you just might have a more interesting day a little more often. It’s a choice that’s yours to make between probable hum-drum-ness and potential amazing.

There is, of course, one comforting thought no matter what your choice is – on any given day, Good Karma you’ve earned might deliver an amazing day to you, because life is what life is...!

Until next time, have a warm heart but be COOL! Be happy, be well, and be the best you that you can be!

Best Regards,

Kate Woods
I Aspire To Inspire
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