NebNose - Mind Your Own Business

NebNose - Mind Your Own Business
Seems like sometimes you must turn upside down and inside out - go through a maze or two - and up a down staircase - just to end up right where you started… before someone interfered in your life … We all know one or more of these people, a NebNose, someone who thinks they have a right to meddle in other people’s relationships. Well, they don’t!

They pretend that they are just trying to be helpful or that they know better if two people belong together - but they don’t. In reality they just like to manipulate other people because it makes them feel powerful. The interesting thing about these manipulators is that their own life is often a mess behind the scenes. Why? Because they are so busy messing in other people’s lives they don’t see that the people in their own relationships are starting to become tired of them spending all their time focusing on other people’s relationships, while they ignore what may be festering in their own. These people are so busy playing games and manipulating they are neglecting their own relationships.

People who belong together find each other and if people don’t belong together no amount of meddling will create a lasting happy result but it will create a lasting unhappy result if the relationship they really wanted was destroyed by interference of the meddler.

Are you a person who is always interfering in other people’s lives? Do you put your nose into everyone’s business? Are you a colossal NebNose? Urban Dictionary describes a NebNose as someone who is nosey. You might be surprised how much resentment you are causing. The people you are trying to manipulate resent you. Your own family often resents the attention you are giving to everyone else but them. AND you end up looking like your own life must really be empty and missing something because otherwise why aren’t you living it instead of trying to manipulate and live everyone else’s life?

There is also one very important factor that manipulators who meddle often overlook. If they don’t mind their own business… someone might just make it their business to target them in their game of the day… and to ruin a relationship of theirs that’s important to them. I wonder if they would think that interfering in other people lives is still so much fun when someone does the same thing to them and destroys their marriage or their friendship or a relationship they have with someone that is important to them. Sooner or later it will happen and someone will want payback for all the damage and sadness the meddler caused and you know what they say about payback – payback is a “bit-ch” for the recipient (lol).

If you’re so bored in your own relationships perhaps it’s time for you to focus on making them better before they disappear from your lack of attention or from someone deciding to meddle into your life. It’s not so funny when it happens to you! Be nice or you might not like it when you find yourself in a maze alone or trying to go up a down staircase to get back to where you started in your own relationships. People who belong together will find each other without the help of a meddling NebNose… and if they don’t belong together no amount of meddling will make it happen!

Until next time, have a warm heart but be COOL! Be happy, be well, and be the best you that you can be!

Best Regards,

Kate Woods
I Aspire To Inspire

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