Procrastination - Missed Opportunities

Procrastination - Missed Opportunities
Procrastination is a funny thing that’s sometimes not too funny. If you procrastinate too long, if you wait too long, it might just be too late to say or do something important that you really wanted to do that might change your outlook on life, or the course of your life. It’s a lesson that’s better learned sooner rather than later.

If you procrastinate about buying an item that’s caught your eye and then you go back and its gone, you might be disappointed but you’ll get over it. If you procrastinate on studying for a test you may not get a great grade but you’ll get over it. If you don’t take a chance on love and the person you love finds someone else you may have a broken heart. Likewise if you have someone you care about who is ill and you procrastinate on calling or visiting them you just may not get another chance to talk to them.

I recently lost the chance to talk to a close friend of mine. She had cancer and I talked to her the first day of her chemotherapy. We talked for a while about her serious situation and at the end of our conversation I told her to call me when she felt up to talking or if she needed anything. I sent a card to let her know I was thinking of her the next day. Many mornings I thought of calling to see how she was doing but something always got in my way, work, and all the everyday things that we all have to do and struggling with exactly what to say. I bought another card to send but I never got to mail it as she passed away very quickly.

I went to the funeral home to say goodbye to my friend. Of course, she couldn’t respond to me. My procrastination cost me the opportunity to allow her to tell me if there was anything she wanted me to do for her if she didn’t get better; or to ease her pain or help her face her fear. Or to thank her for all the times she had helped me and been my friend.

Now all I can do is write this tribute and wish her Godspeed. My friend Vicki liked Angels, peppermint candy, greeting cards and helping people... Kindness and caring for others came naturally to her. No matter how much effort it took she always tried to help anyone who needed help. It was apparent to anyone who knew her that she loved and cherished her family and friends. She always went above and beyond to help everyone. She earned her wings and a place in heaven. As one her many friends I feel fortunate to have known her and grateful that she was my friend. I wish her Godspeed … and I know she will fit right in with all of the other Angels.

You see sometimes procrastination is not a funny thing at all; in fact, sometimes it a very sad thing. If you procrastinate in matters of love and friendship, compassion and concern you may be very dissatisfied with the results. Matters of the Heart in your close personal relationships are the most important matters of the heart of all and sadly - time waits for no one. Don't miss opportunities every day to show others how important they are to you.

Until next time, have a warm heart but be COOL! Be happy, be well, and be the best you that you can be!

Best Regards,

Kate Woods
I Aspire To Inspire

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