Finding True Love with Attention Deficit Disorder

Finding True Love with Attention Deficit Disorder
How would you define true love? Playwrights and poets, artists and novelists have spent centuries defining what they see as true love. But, what do you think? How does having Attention Deficit Disorder complicate the equation for true love? Does living with ADD make finding that magical, loving person more difficult?

A true love wants what is best for you and supports you in those activities that are important for your happiness. The true love does not judge you, even when others are looking at you and shaking their heads in disbelief. These are characteristics that define a true love connection.

How does ADD fit into this true love connection? People with ADD are often filled with energy. They can be very creative. Along with the creativity comes an inclination to be impulsive and unconventional. This is true of daily living and solving problems in a different, non-traditional way. It also means a bit more disorganization in managing the household and relationships.

Do these things make it more difficult to build a long-term, true love involvement when one or both partners have Attention Deficit Disorder? It certainly can be more difficult! Choosing a partner who has a high need for order and conventionality could be a disaster, if that person is not tolerant of differences. Find a person who thinks that the quirky traits that come along with ADD are charming.

Genuine laughter can smooth out many relational disasters. Find a partner with a sense of humor. Being able to see the silly side of events in a love connection can ease some of the sting when one person does something that irritates the other.

True love must be cultivated like a friendship, since it is the ultimate friendship. Your true love should be a person who you enjoy spending time with and who adores the hours that you spend together. Patience and caring are hallmarks of this relationship. It is helpful when partners share their beliefs and core values. Kindness, communications and respect go a long way toward building a lifetime loving bond.
William Shakespeare said, “The course of love never did run smooth.” That’s true for all kinds of people, not just those with Attention Deficit Disorder. However, when you choose your partner wisely, cultivate your relationship, and start out as friends, your true love will satisfy that human longing for companionship while warming your heart and the many nights that you spend together.

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