20 Ways to Improve ADD Symptoms Without Meds

20 Ways to Improve ADD Symptoms Without Meds
When it comes to treating the troublesome symptoms of Attention Deficit Disorder, countless people think only about medication and therapy. These are time-tested and research-based ways to treat ADD/ADHD. Together, they make a highly effective treatment regimen for many people. However, there are numerous other strategies that a person can use to improve their negative symptoms of Attention Deficit Disorder. In no particular order, here are twenty of them.

1. Get enough sleep on a nightly basis.
2. Spend time outdoors in wide-open green spaces.
3. Take fish oil to get vital omega -3 fatty acids. Vitamin D is also helpful.*
4. Use music to affect your mood.
5. Organize your tax paperwork at the beginning of the year.
6. Plan your grocery list and meals for good nutrition.
7. Spend time with people who matter to you and who make you feel valued.
8. Pay your bills on time to lower your stress level. Use online banking to simplify keeping track of what has been paid.
9. Get rid of the things that make your life complicated.
10. Keep a grocery list on your refrigerator and write needed items on it as soon as you run out of those articles.
11. Put a large calendar on the wall and write family and personal events on it.
12. Eat more nutrient-dense foods and fewer processed foods to help raise your energy level.
13. Keep track of how much money that you owe to each of your creditors.
14. To get a better night’s sleep, get your body and bedroom prepared for bed. Make sure that your pajamas and bedding are comfortable.
15. Exercise the way that you want to. Whether it is walking, tai chi, karate, running, gardening, or sweeping the driveway, it is all good.
16. Use positive self-talk to help you get life’s tasks completed.
17. Know how much money you have in your bank account and when each bill is due. This helps get rid of the feeling of impending doom.
18. Reduce the clutter in your home.
19. Meditate to help clear your mind of stress. Go outdoors to meditate, if you have a chance.
20. Short, intense bursts of exercise provide more oxygen to the brain’s pre-frontal cortex. This helps with executive function.

Chaos is not the friend of people with Attention Deficit Disorder. Anything that you can do to calm the chaos should help improve your negative symptoms of ADD/ADHD. This article was not written by a medical professional. The information supplied here is provided for educational purposes only, and it is not meant to be a substitute for information from a medical professional. Check with your healthcare provider if you have questions about medication or supplements.

*If you are considering taking a medication or dietary supplement, always consult a medical professional before you do so.

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