Almond Berry Shake Smoothie Recipe

Almond Berry Shake Smoothie Recipe
This delicious smoothie / shake involves almonds and a variety of berries. Full of antioxidants, nutritious, and delicious too!

Almond Berry Shake Juice RecipeI list the gram counts for the ingredients for comparison - you don't have to match mine exactly! If you record the gram counts for yours, you can plug them into the attached spreadsheet to determine exactly what the nutrition is for your version.

handful almonds - 21g
3/4 cup almond milk - 200g
1 scoop whey protein - 23g
handful blueberries - 69g
handful blackberries - 74g
handful raspberries - 46g
2 strawberries - 146g
2 tsp flax seed
1/2 banana - 64g
1 cereal bowl spinach - 23g
1 tsp agave

Start by blending the almonds and 1/2 cup of the almond milk. We used sweetened almond milk, but you can go with unsweetened if you want, and add in some stevia to balance out the overall sweetness levels.

Add in the whey protein. We went with WPI whey protein which has a slightly coconut flavor to it. Then add in the blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, and strawberries.

Mix in the flax, banana, remaining almond milk, then put the spinach on top. Drizzle on the agave, then put the ice on the very top. This helps to provide texture to the smoothie and also to press down the ingredients so they move into the blender area.

Put on the lid and blend away!

This makes two servings.

For us this costs $2.40 per serving, with the berries being fairly expensive out of season. This is a good reason to buy berries at a farmer's market in season and freeze them until you need them. This would also mean you'd have built in ice with those frozen berries.

Nutrition per serving:
calories - 253.0
fat - 6.9
cholesterol - 1.6
sodium - 120.4
total carbs - 33.1
fiber - 8.7
net carbs - 24.4
protein - 14.0
vitamin C - 87%

So great fiber, great protein, lots of Vitamin C, and good overall numbers. The carbs are a bit high for those in induction, but for the rest of us this is good for a breakfast shake or a special treat.

For the Excel spreadsheet to plug in your own weights:
Mango Blueberry Shake Juice Recipe Spreadsheet

Here's the video version to see it in action:
Almond Berry Juice Recipe YouTube Video

Post in our forums if you have any questions!

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