KARMA Train – Do You Hear It Coming?

KARMA Train –   Do You Hear It Coming?
Is the Karma Train coming for you? If it is, its destination may be Hell on Earth ... So “people get ready there’s a train a coming...’

The world we live in can only be a better place if everyone does their part in making it one. Think about who you are and how you live every day. Do you hurt and betray people thoughtlessly? Do you only care about yourself? Do you lie to people all the time? Are you selfish and greedy? If so - do you really want to have a reserved seat on the Karma Train and a ticket with your name on it?

If the Karma Train comes for you – it just may take you straight to Hell on Earth... So who has reserved seats on The Karma Express to Hell?

•Anyone who carelessly breaks someone’s heart.

•Anyone who cannot carry on any conversation without one or more lies in it.

•Employers who underpay their employees.

•Employers who take more than a fair share of their company's profits while saying they can't pay for employee benefits.

•People who hack into other people’s private information and steal it for malicious reasons.

•Guys who play the love em and leave em game over an over.

•Girls who play the love em and leave em game over an over.

•Girls who flirt with their friend’s significant other.

•Guys who flirt with their friend’s significant other.

•People who are players and they don’t care who they hurt with their games.

•People who cheat on each other when they say they are in a relationship.

•People who act like they’re in a relationship but won’t make a commitment.

•Anyone who buys debts for pennies and then harasses people to collect them for a profit.

•Anyone who takes advantage of people in a bad economy for personal gain.

•Anyone who takes advantage of people in a natural disaster or any overwhelming disaster.

•Anyone who physically or emotionally abuses another person in any way.

•Anyone who abuses or harms an animal in anger or for sadistic reasons.

•Anyone who tampers with medications.

•Anyone who knowingly exposes another to illness and disease

•Anyone who tampers with medications.

•Any elected official who knowingly uses obstructionist tactics to the detriment of others for personal gain.

•Anyone who has the ability to help others but always looks the other way.

•Irresponsible parents who make their parenting decisions selfishly, always putting their wants and needs ahead of their children's needs and happiness.

•All those who care only about themselves to the detriment of everyone and everything else around them.

So who has reserved seats on the Karma Train? If any of these folks described in the list sound like you, YOU DO! Of course, this is not an all inclusive list. There are many other negative hurtful behaviors that could be added to the list.

If you don’t want to have to board the Karma Train you should change your ways right now! Be a better person. Be sure that you’re “keeping it real” in all your words and actions. Find a way so that you can be proud of yourself for all the right reasons.

Or “Get Ready, "cause I hear the train a coming - coming round the bend - the Karma Train is Coming and it's heading to Hell on Earth my friend... You can run but you can’t hide! If it’s full the first time it will come back again to pick you up – because what goes around comes around... All Aboard.... All Aboard... All Aboard...

Until next time, have a warm heart but be COOL! Be happy, be well, and be the best you that you can be ... and do your best to stay off of that train!

Best Regards,

Kate Woods
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