Attention Deficit Disorder and Responsibility

Attention Deficit Disorder and Responsibility
Each of us journeys through life with different expectations and responsibilities. Attention Deficit Disorder can add layers of complexity to our lives. People experience the negative symptoms of ADD in various ways. For some, it can be a struggle with restlessness, where they strain to maintain a calm attitude. Others may have problems with inattention and distractibility. Lack of focus can cause glitches in all areas of their lives. How can you commit to responsibilities when you lack focus?

First, identify those activities and responsibilities that have the strongest pull on you. What do you definitely need to do? List those needs that involve your emotions and your duties to yourself and others. After you have discovered what you want and need to do, it is essential for you to figure out how to do these necessary endeavors.

Task analyze each item on your list. Exactly what must you do to accomplish that one important thing? You could make a page for each item with your analysis on the sheet. Be sure to limit your list to only those responsibilities that you value most.

Now, look at your time. Each of us has so many hours in a day. How we fill them is up to the individual. Use those big chunks and tiny bits of time. Creatively plan where you can slot in those actions that need to be undertaken to accomplish your chosen responsibilities. Be jealous of that time which you set aside. Do not let the moments of your life be plundered by lesser tasks or individuals who don't share your sense of responsibilities and commitment. Use every strategy that you have learned to focus, focus, and refocus!

Several years ago, I applied to be editor of the BellaOnline Attention Deficit Disorder site. I believed that if I was chosen, the training period would be completed before the school year started. As a teacher, I work long hours planning, gathering materials, assessing my students and my teaching, then ruminating about how we can improve. There was no way that I could train to be an editor and teach. Or so I thought. Time passed, and school started. I decided that I would not take the position, since it was an enormous commitment of time, energy, and creativity. Plus, there would be so many technical skills that I would have to master. Finally, I heard from BellaOnline. I had the job. Seriously, I almost turned it down. Then, I sat down and plotted out the hours of my life. There was a way to teach and write. I just had to maintain focus and a schedule. In doing so, it became apparent that I do best when I build a structure of tasks around me. Later, I started teaching on Saturdays at the local community college doing work that is immensely satisfying. It takes commitment to go each Saturday, but it helps to structure my life. After that I added a second BellaOnline website. The Sandwiches site uses a completely different aspect of my creativity. All of these tasks are important to me. Teaching, writing, and working hard are three areas that define me as a person, along with my love of family, friends, and pets. My Attention Deficit Disorder is part of who I am, but with structure, it does not limit me or keep me from honoring commitments.

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