Kindle Review-A Device for Adults with ADD

Kindle Review-A Device for Adults with ADD
Once upon a time, I decided that the Kindle was not for me. I love paper books, and I feel that my reading habits should be my business, not something that Amazon can access at will. Then, my husband bought me a Kindle Fire. Suddenly, my viewpoint changed. It's a tool for reading! No, it's a toy for whiling away time! It's a shopping extravaganza! Whichever way you consider the Kindle, it is an ideal device for an adult with Attention Deficit Disorder. sells the Kindle, which at its most basic is an electronic reader. You can download e-books within a minute on a simple, lightweight Kindle. The Kindle Paperwhite is made to enhance a reading experience by having reduced glare. You can adjust the brightness of the screen and reduce eyestrain. This allows you to read comfortably in bed at night. No need to turn off the light and ruin your relaxed state. Just put the Kindle down, and it will turn itself off. That makes transitioning from reading to sleep much easier. What else does this Kindle do to help people with Attention Deficit Disorder? When you download books to a Kindle, you reduce the clutter in your home! Over 1,000 books can be stored on a Kindle.

The fancier Kindle Fire does everything except stand up and shout, "YOOOO-HOOO!" First, they are fantastic e-readers. You can choose different fonts and page orientations. Books are available at low prices. Do you love music? Enhance your mood! Download your favorite songs from Amazon quickly and easily. Your music will be stored in the Amazon cloud and on your Kindle Fire. This does have a downside. It's so easy to download music that I put 29 songs on my Kindle in less than an hour. That included searching, payment, and downloading the individual songs.

People with ADD are expert multi-taskers. While you are waiting for your car's oil to be changed or your kids to finish their activities or lessons, find a wi-fi connection. Surf the net on the Kindle Fire. Kindle's Silk browser is clunky, and I loathe the Bing search engine. However, my Kindle did let me change to a google search engine. There are also online directions for tweaking the Silk browser to run faster. I haven't done that, yet, since I don't spend a lot of time using the internet on my Kindle Fire. I do love to shop on it!

Shopping on Amazon is a snap with a Kindle Fire. Go basic or use Amazon Prime. Just pay your Prime dues to access the free 2-day shipping. With Attention Deficit Disorder, sometimes you tend to put off buying gifts in a timely manner. Prime helps you get the gifts delivered in time for that special occasion. Kindle makes it effortless to do.

When you have an Amazon Prime account, you may also borrow free books from the library to read on your Kindle. Prime customers can stream videos from Amazon, many of them at no extra charge. There is also a Netflix App to let you stream Netflix videos and TV shows to your Kindle. It's easy to watch a video in bed. Relax and enjoy!

Either a simple Kindle or a Kindle Fire is a great option for an adult with ADD. Choose one based on your unique needs. Do you just need an easy reader that helps you reduce clutter? Pick a Kindle or Kindle Paperwhite. They are an affordable alternative to an expensive tablet.

A Kindle Fire costs more, but you have added options with it. This device gives you a chance to read, listen to music, shop, and stream videos. I have just begun to explore the potential of my Kindle Fire 8.9. It also has the ability to install apps for various purposes. Some apps are free, while others are for sale. There is a way to create documents, too. You can also Skype with it! Save space in your home, since the Kindle Fire can take on so many electronic roles.

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