This Book Changed My Life!

This Book Changed My Life!
Do you have a book that started you off on your spiritual journey? Do you remember that first ‘Aha!’ moment when something you read fell into place for you, a moment of awakening?

I remember sitting in sunshine on a British beach on holiday and flicking through a copy of the women’s magazine Cosmopolitan, or ‘Cosmo’ as it is more affectionately known. It was 1996 and I was living a pretty conventional life as a secondary school teacher, wife and mother, living in the suburbs. Although I’d had an interest in esoteric subjects from my teenage years and owned tarot cards I wasn’t actively engaged in a spiritual lifestyle.

This particular edition of Cosmo featured an article that really caught my attention. A journalist was being taught how to improve her life by a lady called Karen Kingston. Karen explained how the state of your home reflects the state of your life and how clutter prevents the flow of energy and fresh experiences. How very interesting. My own life was feeling rather stuck and humdrum and I had lots and lots of clutter!

I read that Karen had a new book out, and so I went off in search of a seaside book shop and found, Creating Sacred Space with Feng Shui. I have rarely read a book as voraciously as I read Creating Sacred Space. I devoured it. Every chapter was fascinating and so much of it applied to my life. Creating Sacred Space with Feng Shui was my introduction into energy work and the basic principles contained within are still very much in use today.

Despite the lovely summer sunshine I couldn’t wait to get home and start decluttering and ‘Feng Shui-ing’ my home. I went through the house top to bottom on my return, clearing out stacks of junk so that the energy could flow. Whenever I faltered I went back and read the chapter on clearing clutter to psych myself back up.

The basic rule of thumb is that if you can’t move with ease through all parts of your home then neither can the energy! Once the majority of the clutter was gone it was time for a space clearing ceremony to cleanse the energy and bring in a fresh new vibration.

This book was truly the start of a lifetime’s adventure to learn more about the universal energy flows which affect us all. Learning about space clearing produced a real and dynamic shift in my life. These days I use the traditional direction based approach to Feng Shui, rather than orienting my home from the front door as Karen does, but I’m grateful to Karen for introducing me to the fundamental principles and stimulating my interest in this fascinating Art.

Performing regular space clearing has become as natural to me as cleaning my teeth and I’ve lost count of how many people walk into my home and remark on the energy. My therapy room is space cleared in preparation for every healing session and I believe the positive shifts I see in clients are partly down to the fresh, high energy I maintain in the room.

Who should read this book?
People with clutter corners, junk rooms, garages stacked with stuff, or lofts and basements piled high! Anyone about to move house, or who has inherited a hoard of stuff. Therapists who give healing or counselling and want to enhance the quality of the experience for their clients. People who are stuck in a rut and want to stimulate change and bring new opportunities in their lives!

Do you have a life changing book?
Come into the New Age Forum and share the book/s that put your feet onto your spiritual path.

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