Building School Success with ADD EBook Review

Building School Success with ADD EBook Review
I embrace my ADD and have learned to have a full and rich life. This ability to appreciate ADD has evolved over a number of years. As countless readers know, Attention Deficit Disorder runs in my family. Several of us have the Primarily Inattentive Type, and it often masquerades as laziness and indifference. Our oldest son’s diagnosis made a huge difference in my knowledge about ADD and its many gifts and challenges. With knowledge came the ability to be a better advocate for our son. This was important because his needs were not being met in his school setting. I watched my curious, energetic child go from being excited about learning to being filled with dread at the thought of school.

In the beginning, I wasn’t a good advocate because I didn’t know where to start. His life at school could have been different, if I had known then what I know now. If there had been a guide to help me assist our son through the maze of school, it would have been useful. This summer I wrote the guide that would have improved my ability to be a more effective advocate. Building School Success with ADD is the book that I needed, and I think it could help you, too!

If you answer yes to either of these questions, you might benefit from reading this book. Is your child frustrated with school? Have you had difficulty getting this child's needs met in the academic setting? Building School Success with ADD can help!

Use the information in the section called Understanding ADD to effectively communicate your child's needs to school personnel. What are the facts about ADD? Is it just an imagined disorder, or is it real? Give the teachers and administrators at school the latest information.

Parenting Means Becoming an Advocate is the section that prepares you to become a more effective advocate for your child. What steps can you take at home to assist your child in school? How can developing better social skills help your child in school and life?

The School Experience and ADD tells what school is like for students with ADD. It also gives time-tested strategies that teachers can use for improving your child's classroom performance. ADD and the IEP discusses what you can do to get your child an effective IEP that allows for more academic success.

The latest research about attention and rewards is discussed in Building School Success for the Student with ADD. Are rewards necessary, or are they just a crutch? How do you move a student from needing rewards to rewarding himself? Effective academic skill development strategies are given in this section.

The final section gives full-length reviews on resources to help your child have a more successful school experience. These are resources from knowledgeable people in the field of Attention Deficit Disorder. This group of resources are the ones that I have found most helpful and returned to over the years for inspiration.

When you implement changes in different parts of the child’s life, you multiply the effects of the changes. Building School Success with ADD can be your guide to making these changes to improve your child's school life.

Building School Success with ADD allows me to share my years of experience, as a teacher and a parent, working successfully with students who have Attention Deficit Disorder. The ideas in this book go beyond school intervention. This information is incredibly helpful. You can help your child build school success!

As an editor at BellaOnline, I am encouraged to share information in an e-book format. This book is compiled from articles written for the ADD site and is available for purchase. I've built in a shortcut with the link below. Or you may access it by going to the EBook link below the member log-in on the right side of the front page of BellaOnline. Click on EBooks. At this time, my book is a featured book and will be the first book that you see. Later, it will move to the Health and Fitness link in the EBook section. Building School Success with ADDis 85 pages long in a pdf format. It sells for US $2.99 through our PayPal link.

You might ask yourself why I am selling this book for less than four cents per page. With an e-book, you have the book delivered to your computer. If you want a hard copy, you need to print it out yourself. I don’t want you to have to print 85 pages, using your ink and paper, and pay a high price, too! The book is priced so that you can print it out, if you desire, and still have a lot of information at a bargain price. I am keenly aware that many people need information, and that there is only so much money to spend for all of the things that we need. I didn’t want money to be an issue for my readers if you decide that you want this book.

Filled with resources, strategies, and ideas that can improve your child's school experience, Building School Success with ADD was written so that you can benefit from my years of experience. It is the book that I needed to effectively guide my child through his school years. I highly recommend it.

Here is a direct link to Building School Success with ADD :

Building School Success with ADD

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