Sacred Geometry Oracle Deck by Francene Hart

Sacred Geometry Oracle Deck by Francene Hart
Francene Hart is one of my favourite New Age artists. She paints sublimely beautiful images of an inspirational & spiritual nature. When I found that she had created an oracle deck I had to check it out!

The 64 card Sacred Geometry Oracle Deck is smartly presented in a hard slipcase with accompanying guidebook. The cards themselves have a rainbow torus design on their backs. This is taken from a card Hart calls the Ka, representing life force energy, which spirals you into its centre as you gaze. They are of a good size for handling & shuffling, easy to hold, but not too small & are printed on good quality card. Of the deck 27 of the cards show Hart’s magical paintings. The remaining cards are plainer, mostly pastel geometric backgrounds with black line drawings of geometric shapes.

Sacred Geometry has ancient roots which cross many cultures. The shapes & patterns appear to be utilised not only by man, but also by Nature. For example the Golden Spiral is seen in the spiral shapes of galaxies and the spiral form of seashells. The harmonious proportions follow the Golden, or Phi ratio, and are mathematically constructed using the Fibonacci series of numbers. Crystals also form their internal crystalline structure in mathematically precise ways, which are sometimes seen in the external shape of the crystal. These and other manifestations of natural order have led both mystics & mathematicians to the conclusion that the Universe is actually much more structured in its make up than the outward appearance might suggest. Hart believes that Sacred Geometry, with its patterns appearing in macrocosm & microcosm shows that we are indeed all One and that separation is an illusion.

Hart begins the oracle by exploring the basic shapes in her cards- the Circle: wholeness & potential, the Triangle: trinity, the Square: Earth, male. These form the simple building bocks of out of which more complex geometric figures arise. For example two overlapping circles form the Vesica Piscis, symbolising birth and overlapping triangles form the Sri Yantra. Taking shapes into three dimensions gives us the five Platonic solids. Hart includes other forms which utilise Sacred Geometry such as the labyrinth, medicine wheel, the Mayan Tzolkin and the Merkaba.

Her paintings also spring from sacred geometry. They are multi-layered and intricate creations with a luminosity about them; the longer you look into them the more you see. Drawing randomly from the pack I have picked the ‘Echoes of One’ card. Two figures, a male & female in pastel blues & lilacs tenderly mirror each other’s posture, each caressing the other’s cheek and simultaneously holding onto the Vesica Piscis. The background is of angels’ wings, reminding us of our divine connection and at the centre of their bodies where they meet lightning forks out; the creative spark as two merge into one. Their faces express a deep serenity as though the exploration of each others’ features is a moving meditation. Hart describes the card as the ‘Greater Whole’ and sees it as symbolising the quest for harmonious balance and co-creation, rather than power games, in relationships.

Although I prefer the paintings to look at and find them easier to interpret in a reading, the shapes are fascinating taken together with the information in the guidebook and I can see their potential to become familiar and more intuitively understood. I’ve wanted for some time to explore sacred geometry & these cards are an excellent tool to start with & learn from. Once you begin looking at the construction of these sacred shapes you become increasingly fascinated, even if like me you claim not to have a ‘math brain’! I’ve found that by choosing a card a day & reading up the commentary I am absorbing some of the wisdom of sacred geometry in a playful & creative way.

You can view more of Francene Hart’s beautiful artwork on her site and free e-cards are available at the Spirit Card Centre which is where I first came across her work.

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