Ultra Comfort Chair - Product Review

Ultra Comfort Chair -  Product Review

Shopping for a Recliner

Last weekend I took my mother Recliner shopping. I had not known how many different types and models there were. We ended up at Russell’s Fine Furniture in Santa Clara California. We were luck enough to run into the owner himself, Richard Russell. He insisted that we see the Ultra Comfort's Stellar Comfort Lift Recliner.

Ultra Comfort’s slogan is “positioning you for life”. The idea is that you will buy one chair to relax in and it will serve all the relaxing needs you have throughout your life. If you have difficulty breathing, you can position yourself for maximum ease of breath. If you cannot comfortably sleep in a bed, this chair can support you well while you sleep. If you cannot easily get up from your chair, this chair can help with that also.

The chair is made in America and the components are of good quality. The smallest chair can support up to 300 pounds, the largest 375.

As a simple recliner, this chair offers a few excellent features.

  • Electric operation
    • Battery back-up in case of power outage
    • Controller is color coded for important functions
    • Fast Return functionality for return to upright position (but not too fast)

  • Three nicely proportioned sizes to choose from
  • Excellent weight capacity with relatively compact overall size
  • Back cushions that can be individually calibrated adding support exactly where you need it.

  • A continuous position change selection rather than set points on a ratchet.

In addition, this chair has three other selling points.
  1. Lift feature
  2. Zero Gravity Recline
  3. Trendelenburg Recline

Lift Feature

Lift chairs are designed to assist persons who cannot get out of their chairs easily. If you’ve ever sat down in a soft, low sofa you are familiar with the problem. As we age, our ability to do this lessens. Lift chairs are a great assist to those with weakened ankles, knees or hips. In addition, they assist those who have abdominal weakness and those who have minor problems with balance or orthostatic hypotension. This chair is particularly good.

What makes it so good is the solidness of the lift. There is a match between the height of lift and the angle of lift. There is no sway or lateral inequality. There is also a fine calibration the user can put on the angle of lift. This way, if only a small amount of lift is needed, it can be easily attained. At the same time, lift is available to approximately 40°.
this is a picture of the Stellar Comfort in full LIFT position

Zero Gravity Recline

The Zero Gravity feature is named this because this angle and attitude of recline is mimics the position that a relaxed astronaut assumes naturally in zero gravity. It is the most relaxed position for the human body. This is a true neutral position. Legs are elevated above the heart, there is an open angle between the torso and thights, and the natural S curve of the spine is supported and maintained.

Side affects of this are increased lung capacity (pressure on the lungs and diaphragm is decreased), circulation in the legs and feet is improved, and lumbar pressure is just about at the lowest achievable. Stress on the heart is minimized.
this is a picture of the Stellar Comfort in the Zero Gravity and Trendelenburg Recline positions

Trendelenburg Position

The Trendelenburg Position takes this one step further. In this position the head is slightly lower than the feet. Although many feel this position is helpful for multiple symptoms, there is little to support it except in particular surgical procedures. The position is good for decreasing swelling in the legs and for decreasing abdominal pressure in pregnancy. It may be good for lightheadedness (sort of like putting your head between your knees), but should not be used if there is any nausea or breathing difficulty.

For someone in normal health, it is another very relaxing position.


The controls on the Stellar Comfort chair are well designed. There is a separate button to The labels are pictographs that show the position the button will help you achieve. The pictographs are backlit for use in dimly lit areas.


The Lift Frame mechanism, Wooden Chair Frame and Recliner Mechanisms are have a lifetime warrantee. This does not include the cost of delivery for any needed parts.

The Electrical components have a Three Year warrantee against defects for the original owner, non-transferable.

Safety issues are well presented in the Owner’s Manual.


  • There is some variability in pricing depending on where and when you purchase the chair. Russell’s Furniture has Frequent sales that bring price down into a more reasonable range.

  • As a QuickShip, the chair comes in a variety of colors, two basic fabrics, and only one design. If you do not like the looks of the chair there is no alternate choice.
  • The Select Comfort is heavy. If you are going to be moving it around, you should try moving it before you buy

Best Points

  • Battery back-up in case of power outage
  • Fast Return functionality for return to upright position (but not too fast)
  • Back cushions that can be individually calibrated adding support exactly where you need it.

Virginia Hixson is a certified professional ergonomist (CPE) and project Management Professional (PMP) practicing in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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