Making Life Changes with ADD

Making Life Changes with ADD
A new year is often the time when a person takes stock of the life they are living. When you look back, you may have flashes of deep satisfaction for those parts of your life that are working well. Sometimes, there are areas that need improvement. Especially, if you have Attention Deficit Disorder, change may be difficult, since sustaining attention is a hard process. What can you do to make effective changes if you have ADD?

Identify one area that you want to change.
A person who tries to change many areas of their life at one time may doom the effort to failure, because the whole change process can become an overwhelming, muddled mess. Identify just one area in your life that you want to change. In my case, I know that good nutrition can be one effective way to help improve the negative symptoms of Attention Deficit Disorder. I've noticed that a high carbohydrate diet that has a lot of processed foods saps my energy. Changing the types of foods that I eat can improve my life on many levels!

Use your strengths to plan and implement the necessary changes.
After reading and research, I've found a food plan that works for me. It also works for my family. I love reading and exploring different ideas about nutrition. Research is one of my strengths, since I am very comfortable with scientific reading. I chalk up a lot of my creativity to my Attention Deficit Disorder. ADD can be a pain, but it is also my strength. Cooking and developing recipes is a creative outlet that I enjoy. So, I am able to design meals and recipes that fit into my chosen food plan. Bringing ideas together and building consensus is another strength that I have. My family worked together to discover meals that we would be happy sharing.

Build structure into your plans.
After we discussed foods and meals that we would find acceptable, we made lists of the foods that we wanted to include in our daily menus. We also listed several choices for each meal and snacks. Using our food plan, food lists, and menus, we generated a shopping list. Another important part of the big picture was keeping cooked foods on-hand, so that we would eat out less often. Our family organized times to cook those foods that we need for success. With Attention Deficit Disorder, putting the structure into a document is a critical step. It is a reminder of what has been decided and the steps to build success. A written plan can be a valuablel focal point.

Enlist help.
Having a strong support system can be crucial for making and sustaining changes. Changing my nutrition would be difficult without the help of my family. They were there for the planning, building the structure, and implementing our plans.

What do you want to change in your life? How can you use the strengths that come with Attention Deficit Disorder to overcome the negative symptoms that ADD can also bring? Who can support your endeavors? Change is not easy. It is a process. Ovid, a Roman poet who lived about 2,000 years ago said, “Dripping water hollows out stone, not through force but through persistence.” Plan and be persistent. You are the change agent that you need.

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