Activating Beta-2 Receptors and Fat Burning

Activating Beta-2 Receptors and Fat Burning
You might have heard about the beta-2 receptors on your fat cells and how they activate fat cell burning. How do you boost this and get your fat cells releasing their fat?

Fat Cell First, be sure to read up on Fat Cells, Alpha-2 Receptor, and Beta-2 Receptor - this gives you the basics on how these receptors work on your fat cells. It also explains where they are located within your body.

So, understanding that, you know that the alpha-2 receptors are the ones that tell a fat cell to "hold on" while the beta-2 receptors are the ones that tell a fat cell to "burn away."

The challenge here is that both alpha-2 receptors and beta-2 receptors are triggered by epinephrine, a natural hormone. So if you simply flooded your body with epinephrine you'd trigger both of them.

So what you want to do is flood your system with epinephrine while AT THE SAME TIME doing something to tie up the alpha-2 receptors. That way the alpha-2 receptors don't get the message. Only the beta-2 receptors get their message, and they burn their fat cells with glee.

Step 1: Good Blood Flow
This may sound silly or obvious, but all these hormones are whooshing around your system due to blood flow. You need that blood flow as efficient as possible to move the hormones and activate these systems. So drink ample water. Reduce stress. These two things are a key first step and are healthy for all sorts of other reasons, too.

Step 2: Block the Alpha-2 with Lowered Insulin
The natural way to lower your body's insulin level is a low carb diet. Avoid ingesting excess sugars and starches.

Step 3: Activate the Beta-2 with Epinephrine
Epinephrine is naturally caused when you exercise, as explained by the University of Mississippi on Epinerphine. So find an exercise you enjoy. Go for a walk with your dogs. Dance around in the living room to music you enjoy. Go wander the mall with some friends. Whatever it is, get it into your schedule.

That will then trigger those beta-2 receptors - and start the fat burning process rolling along!

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