Creative Benefits of ADD in MRI Testing

Creative Benefits of ADD in MRI Testing
Recently, I read an article on how creativity is inhibited by executive function. Well, folks with Attention Deficit Disorder struggle with executive function issues, while we are the original out-of-the-box, creative problem solvers. Not long ago, my problem solving skills were put to the test, along with the meditation techniques that I have practiced to help improve the symptoms of my Attention Deficit Disorder.

After a painful accident with my left arm, the doctor ordered a MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) to verify his physical diagnosis of the pain in my poor left wing. If you have seen my picture, you know that I am a large woman. Let me tell you, I was concerned that my size would not work well with the MRI tunnel. The imaging center assured me that I would fit. A date was set, and I showed up, worried, but hopeful. I have never been one for claustrophobia, but I did know that some people have trouble with that. I wasn't bothered by the idea of being placed in the tube. I would just use my meditation techniques and breeze through the whole thing…if they could fit me into the smaller tunnel that they had.

The technicians stuffed me into the smaller tube, since I fit, but barely. Feeling the crunch, I took a deep cleansing breath to prepare me for my meditation. Well, I tried to take the breath, but found that I was so tightly stuffed that I couldn't. My ribs wouldn't expand. I hit the panic button and got out of there! No way was that going to work for me over a period of an hour.

Now I was worried that I was claustrophobic. I went back into my creative mind and came up with a slightly different plan for my next MRI adventure. I would ask the technicians not to talk to me when I was in the tunnel, so that I could maintain a meditative state. My eyes would be closed before I went in, so that I would not notice how small the area was. I would ask for headphones with music. I would insist on a larger machine.

My next experience was completely different. I was in a shorter machine with a wider bore. It was still tight, but I was not completely scrunched up, and my ribs had room to expand. I closed my eyes before they slid me into the tube. Ocean waves were crashing in the ear buds as I started meditating. As always in meditation, I was accompanied by my brilliant violet light.

This light is my companion as I meditate. It shows up in my darker field. The light gets larger and smaller; it shifts positions, and the shape transforms. Sometimes it leaves for a brief period of time. Then, it returns in all of its glory. The violet color is a comfort for me that fills my being with joy.

What I noticed while I was in the tube with the magnetic waves was that certain rhythms (yes, those MRI tests are loud) changed my color field! One turned the whole thing burnt orange. Another rhythm made the violet turn bright green and the dark field turned chocolate brown. It was really weird how the different magnetic fields changed my meditation. And it happened like that each time the particular beat of the machine started happening. This was a wonderful experiment in how magnetic waves affect brain function. The great thing about the MRI was having an hour and a half to meditate. What luxury!

What does all of this have to do with Attention Deficit Disorder? We all have challenges in our everyday lives. Sometimes, it is important to take the blessings of ADD, like heightened creativity, and put them to work. Be an advocate for yourself. While living with ADD comes with its own set of trials, there are also benefits. Use the blessings to your advantage and positively shape your encounters with life's events.

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