Drinking Water Key to Weight Loss

Drinking Water Key to Weight Loss
We all know how important it is to drink water when exercising. But do you realize even just sitting at a desk or on a couch you should be regularly drinking water as well?

In the old days we had no idea how much water was in our system. We might even worry about drinking too much water because we'd "bloat" and be heavy. But now we have water-sensing scales that tell us the exact percentage of our body which is water. We also know that drinking ample water is the best way to flush water through our system - the body doesn't hang onto water if it knows it has a ready supply of it.

By the time you feel thirsty your body is already low on water. And many people have lost track of their body's signals - especially if they're overweight - that they no longer properly get those "thirsty" signals. Often they misinterpret them as hunger and eat instead of drink. That can just make things even worse.

Drinking Water Key to Weight Loss Don't think that drinking lots of soda or alcohol is "good enough." It just isn't the same for the body. The body works best on regular water without chemicals or diuretics which force your body to pee out the water too quickly.

Study after study shows that the human body NEEDS water to metabolize properly. Everything from how fat is burned to how muscles burn calories relies on a steady supply of water. You turn your body into a desert and all of that stops working well. Suddenly your fat is sitting right on your thighs. Your energy levels drop because your metabolism is being throttled. You might have lost three pounds last week - but your body just couldn't do it because it didn't have that all-important raw ingredient:


The key is simple. Drink more water. Carry a water bottle with you. Keep a large glass of water by your desk. Drink it. It will take some getting used to. Every new habit is. But you'll find as you get into it that you feel far better. Your body will lose fat much more easily. Your muscles will do a better job working without pain. Your skin will look better! You'll sleep better.

It seems like an amazing set of results for just water but water is the key to life. Water is one of the primary components of the human body. Most bodies are at least half water. If you damage your body by not supplying such a key component, there's no wonder it will begin to fail.

Invest in a water-detecting scale. Nearly every store that carries scales should have one. If not, take a look on Amazon. That will help you see in hard numbers just how your water levels are doing. When you watch the numbers climb you'll get hard proof that your efforts are working!

Ask with any questions - I'm always happy to help!

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