Cleaning to Prevent Sickness

Cleaning to Prevent Sickness
It's that time of year and the weather is changing. In some areas it happens sooner and in others it happens later. No matter where you live and what season it is, chances are: People are starting to call in sick. Here are some sure-fire tips to preventing the cold/flu to catching up to you - at least in your home.

First things:
Take your time to wash off all of your light switches. These plates carry and hold germs for up to 24 hours - depending on the type. Just a quick spray with your cleaner of choice - or even a Clorox disinfectant wipe. Try to do this weekly if you are healthy and at least one time daily if you already have sickness in your home.

Wash all of the doorknobs and cabinet handles - inside and out! This is another place that germs like to reside. We use them all the time. Just a quick wipe down with window cleaner - if you are in the room washing windows - is enough to solve this issue. Using cleaning wipes is another great alternative. If you like to go with natural or homemade products - these will work well, too.

Refrigerator door handles are notorious for holding on to germs. Think about it: your refrigerator is one of the most used appliances in your home. People, big and small, use the refrigerator. In most homes, washing hands isn't required for opening the refrigerator. WASH THE DOOR HANDLES!

Don't forget your remote controls, mice and keyboards. These are great tools for harboring germs. Make sure you clean them with electronic friendly cleaners or wipes. Alcohol is great for your remotes. Just use a q-tip and get in between each button. These are tools that we reach for so frequently, it just makes sense to keep them clean.

What is the one tool that you probably use the most? More than likely, you answered Cell Phone. Whether you choose to use a smart device or favor a flip-type one, they have germs. Again, make sure you wipe them down with a product that is specifically made for cell phone cleaning. Alcohol will damage a smart device - make sure to steer clear of ANY cleaner that is alcohol based!

Rags used for cleaning and even your kitchen sponge need some very HOT water disinfecting/cleaning. Use your dishwasher to clean your sponge - pots and pans setting/hottest temperature. Your cleaning rags - if you have a disinfecting setting on your washer (most new ones do) use that one. If you don't: just choose the hottest setting and clean them in there.

Whatever your Season - make sure you get these areas cleaned - at least weekly!!

Make it a great one!

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