Pinto Beans to Help ADD

Pinto Beans to Help ADD
When you read the title, did you think, "What in the world?? How can pinto beans help ADD?" Well, believe it or not, pintos are magic beans where ADD is concerned! They can enhance nutrition, and they help with organization. Read on to learn about these delicious beans.

Pinto beans are a cheap, nutritious, and easy food choice. Depending on where you shop and the size of the bag, pintos cost from $1 to $2 per pound of dried beans. Each pound of dried beans makes 8 cups of cooked beans. A serving of cooked beans is one cup. In that one cup, you will get 245 calories, 45 grams of carbohydrate, 15 grams of fiber, 15 grams of protein, and a single gram of fat. Although, the beans have a lot of carbs, they are complex carbohydrates, with a low glycemic load that won't spike your blood sugar. For folks with Attention Deficit Disorder, keeping blood sugar leveled out is important and helps us do our best thinking.

The protein in the beans also contributes to stable blood sugar. It is high quality protein with an amino acid score of 96. That means that some complementary food is needed to make it a complete protein. The amino acids need to be supplemented. Cereals and pasta are complementary foods with pintos. That's why grandma fixed a skillet full of cornbread to go with her beans. Pintos mixed with a spicy chili sauce, then mixed with pasta and cheese can be a vegetarian version of spaghetti red, the lunch lady favorite of the previous generation's school children, who grew into this generation's cornbread baking grannies! Sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds, chestnuts, Brazil nuts, mixed nuts, sunflower seeds, almonds, and coconut all help to complete the pinto's protein. The nut butters made from these seeds and nuts have the same amino acid profiles, so they can be used, too. Vegetables, fruits, and oils can also be used. Seaweed, corn, cassava, homemade potato salad, and certain dried mushrooms are the veggie choices. The best fruit choices are kiwi, dates, nectarines, and juices from tangerines and oranges. Mayonnaise, or mayonnaise based dressings, are helpful in achieving a complete protein. Many animal sources of food can also be used. Notable choices are surimi, salmon, roast beef, ham, knockwurst, liver cheese, milk, eggs, and meats like liver or kidney.

Making Pinto Beans the Easy Way!

You can buy canned pintos, but the dried beans are so easy to make. Dump the beans from the bag into a colander. Wash them under running water and remove any pebbles that might have come to play with your beans. Years ago, this was more of a problem. I cannot remember the last time I found a rock! Now, pour the washed beans into a slow cooker. Add enough water to have a couple of inches of water over the tops of your beans. You may need to add more. I throw in some chopped onion and garlic. I also add seasoning salt and pepper. You can add plain salt, but the seasoning salt reminds me of the food that my mother made. She loved her Lawry's! Turn the heat to high and let those beans rock and roll! Every hour after they have cooked for about 3 hours, I stir them gently and test a bean for doneness. Every slow cooker is different, and families know how they like their beans. Cooking times vary. Go about your business and let those beans cook. That's part of their organizational magic.

Once you have beans, making meals is a quick and simple matter. Easy meals help to keep the ADD household running on a smoother track. That's how these super beans help organization! Here are some ideas.

*Chop 4 cups of fresh vegetables. I use celery, peppers, carrots, and onions. Add the veggies to a small amount of boiling water. Cook them until they are tender-crisp. Leave enough water to make a broth and add your 4 cups of cooked pinto beans. This makes great bean soup. Serve it with cornbread and milk.

*Mash pinto beans for so much flexibility. Make tostados, burritos, or an open-face bean sandwich on whole grain toast.

There are so many things that you can do with pintos, and I could write at least one more article about them. Would you like some recipes? I have developed some great pinto bean recipes that are simple and tasty! They will also be on my site.


Pinto Bean Nutrition Information

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