Stuck with Attention Deficit Disorder

Stuck with Attention Deficit Disorder
What do you do when you need to get something done and you just get stuck? You can’t reach your goal because you can’t get started. You have Attention Deficit Disorder, and you are just stuck!

Being in the stuck position is an exercise in frustration. You know what you want to do and what you must do, but how can you accomplish anything when you can’t get started? Fortunately for all of the people with Attention Deficit Disorder, there are techniques for getting off the starting line and going down the path to productivity!

A good first step for getting out of the stuck position is to analyze why you are there in the first place. Often, what this takes is just spending a bit of quiet time thinking about the things that are going on in your life. Carve out the necessary time to do this important step. What needs to be done so that you can be successful? Where are your roadblocks to success? Is it a lack of time, or could it be an emotional roadblock? What is the situation? Do you have options? Of course you do! Write them down. Now look at the consequences of each option. What positive and negative consequences does each option have? What is the best choice or combination of options to solve your problem? Sometimes doing this step alone will guide you into a productive mode.

Never underestimate the power of visualization and positive self-talk. Sit quietly and see yourself doing the task that is causing you to spin your wheels. Watch yourself move successfully through to the completion of this job. What are you doing to be successful? Talk to yourself about the positive steps that you are taking. Sometimes people with ADD tell themselves that they are lazy or stupid because they are having trouble getting a task completed. This negative self-talk has been learned over years of being told that sort of thing, in words or attitudes, by the people in their lives. Be kind to yourself! Don’t say that you are lazy. You are not. ADD causes symptoms that need to be managed, and you are working to manage your symptoms. Be positive and use words of encouragement.

If you are not taking medication, use your body’s natural chemicals to help you be productive. Music can be your friend. Choose music that stirs your senses and gets your adrenaline flowing. Another way to ramp your body's chemicals up is to exercise. Vigorous exercise can help you think better and be more focused, since it helps to get your natural chemicals surging through your body. Caffeine can also help with focus. When I have something that has to be done, I go to my local coffee shop and order a very large cappuccino with an extra shot of espresso. I sip it slowly as I do my positive self-talk and visualization. This usually does the trick for me!

Occasionally, none of this works. That usually means that I am avoiding the task for an emotional reason. My Attention Deficit Disorder is a factor, but avoidance is a larger reason why I am blocked. Then, I find a necessary chore that I dislike. I start doing that chore, since it also needs to be done. This can include cleaning closets, cabinets, or doing some yard work that makes me hot and sticky. Just choose any chore that you dislike. As I am doing the job, I tell myself that if I would just start on the job that I am avoiding, I could stop all of this cleaning or yard work nonsense. Soon, I am eager to work on that task that I was formerly avoiding!

With the raw intellect that people with ADD have, coupled with our ability to think so far outside the box that we don’t know where the box is, we can solve the problems that our Attention Deficit Disorder symptoms cause us. If you get stuck, with your creative juices blocked, and you need to fast forward, use one of the techniques in this article. Or, you can invent your own method! Please share your favorite system of pulling yourself out of the stuck position and into a productive stance. Let us know by posting in the forum. We look forward to hearing your ideas!

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