Your Body Doesn't Lie

Your Body Doesn't Lie
There is a fascinating book by Dr. John Diamond called “Your Body Doesn’t Lie.” Diamond was a psychiatrist who became dissatisfied with the usual results of psychotherapy. Although psychotherapy helped many people, he believed he could be more effective if he changed his therapy to look for what was RIGHT with people instead of what was wrong with them.

Diamond is the father of behavioral kinesiology, also known as a type of muscle testing. The basic premise is that there are things that either strengthen you or weaken you. Those things can include foods, pictures, sounds, music and even thoughts.

Kinesiology uses muscles in the body as indicators to show you whether or not a substance, thought, food or music will strengthen or weaken your life energy.

Diamond says all illness starts with reduced life energy.

Life energy has been called different things in different cultures. In India it’s called Prana. In China it’s called chi. In Japan it’s called ki. Every living thing has it, or it wouldn’t be alive. But the interesting thing that Diamond discovered is that you can see the effect of something on your life energy by “asking” your body to tell you what’s best for your health.

You might be familiar with muscle testing if you’ve ever gone to a chiropractor who uses it to determine which vertebrae are out of place. The chiropractor can use one hand to touch your vertebrae, and push on your arm. Your arm muscle will go weak when a vertebra is out of place.

Diamond found that muscles are also associated with different organs in the body. So, in a manner of speaking, something that weakens your muscles is subtly affecting the energy that feeds your organs. Continued stress eventually affects you physically.

And here’s the kicker – the music you listen to, or play, can directly affect your life energy. At one mental health institution, Dr. Diamond had been given the 200 worst patients; people who were in such terrible shape they did nothing all day but walk around like animals that had been put in a zoo.

Dr. Diamond managed to get an old piano donated to the institution, and one day he heard someone trying to play. It was an elderly woman who’d been in the institution for a long time, and she was playing some notes, very haltingly. And then, he suddenly realized she was playing a Beethoven piano sonata.

Over a period of time, she played all 32 Beethoven sonatas, in order, and then went home. Music had raised her life energy! It had touched something inside her that gave her the will to live a full life again.

What music feeds you? Strengthens you? Pay attention to it. And begin living a full life again.

If you take music as your career, and you begin to pay attention to life energy, you will soon find you can tell the difference between music you just play, that has little effect on people, and music you play that can donate to someone else’s life energy.

If you are interested in learning more about muscle-testing and life energy, I highly recommend the little book “Your Body Doesn’t Lie.”

You can find Your Body Doesn't Lie at Amazon.

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