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Books / DVDs
Reviews of musician related books, DVDs, CDs, etc., for expanding musical knowledge, improving musicianship, and gaining deeper understanding of the career and life calling of being a musician.

Here you will find articles on musician contracts, copyrights, licensing, taxes, and other legal aspects of the music industry.

Insights into bringing out the best of yourself as an artist in the field of music, and other aspects of life.

Especially for Fans
Wondering why some family members, fans and friends may be lackadaisical about showing enthusiasm for your music? If they tell you they like your band, they probably do. They may just need some enhanc

Gear Reviews
Reviews and recommendations of musical equipment, instruments, software, etc.

How to keep optimum health with a musicianĀ“s lifestyle. Tips on protecting your hearing, getting sleep, maintaining fitness, keeping a healthy diet on tours, and more.

Take a break - to keep face muscles and attitude limber, practice your smiling and laughing chops.

Independent Music
Support and info for independent artists. Links to Indie websites and events.

Information on instruments used all over the world. Links to sources, lesson materials, and examples of their music.

Music Reviews
Artist, CD, DVD, performance and song reviews covering some excellent, newly emerging and well known artists.

Includes lessons and tips for learning and playing on a variety of popular instruments.

Events and trends that shape the world of music.

Performance tips and resources such as the Inner Game, Stage Fright Remedies and recommendations on the subject. Tips on connecting with your audience, and choreography.

Useful information and links to resources to help promote your music.

Helpful recording tips, and recommendations for equipment and software to make professional recordings in your home studio as well as working with recording companies.

Song Writing
Song writing tips and resource recommendations.

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