LDOnline Review

LDOnline Review
Research in recent years has shown a correlation between having Attention Deficit Disorder and having a reading disability (RD). While the research has shown that if you have ADD and a slower processing speed, you are more likely to have RD, the reasons why these conditions occur together is not completely understood. However, since they do occur together, it is a good idea to have resources to help with both. That’s where LDOnline comes into the picture.

LDOnline is a large website that has provided useful information to parents, educators, and people who have ADD. They have been a web presence for a great many years. LDOnline calls themselves the “world’s leading website for learning disabilities and ADHD.” They certainly are a wonderful site that is loaded with information. This is part of the reason that LDOnline is my choice as the BellaOnline ADD Website of the Month for December.

If you’ve never prowled through the bounty of information located on LDOnline, give yourself a generous amount of time to explore. The site is well organized, but the sheer volume of information can be daunting. Navigation occurs from the orange links on the left side of the page. You can always go HOME with LDOnline! So, if you get turned around, navigate back to the home page and try your search again. You can also use the back button on your browser.

Starting at the first section, this site offers information about LD and ADHD Basics. These topics are skillfully written in language that is clear and not difficult to understand. There is an extensive question and answer section that is based on real questions from parents and teachers. I was impressed because it covers such topics as College and College Prep, Gifted LD, Self Esteem and Stress Management, and Transition: School to Work. By the nature of these topics, children with ADD or RD can see that they are expected to achieve and do amazing things with their lives. Parents are empowered with the tools to help bring the dreams to fruition. This section also includes a comprehensive glossary to help you cut through educational and medical jargon.

The section on LD Topics mirrors the list of topics in the Questions + Answers section. Each topic has a clickable link that opens the door to articles, related areas, books, links and multimedia on your topic of choice. Multimedia presentations are short videos dealing with sensitive topics in a practical way. They give parents another tool to get ideas on how to best help their children through difficult situations. The video by Rick Lavoie about play dates is especially powerful. These videos are informative and well worth watching. Under the LD Topics area of the orange navigation links, there is also a separate multimedia section.

Special sections are in place for educators, parents, and kids. The kids’ section contains art work by kids, stories that are by kids and for kids, and selected books. There is also a section where kids can send up to three e-cards a day.

Also included in the website is a section where you can find expert advice. The LDOnline Learning Store lets you shop by topic. The most popular products are featured in their own section. The link to Support Us lets you know what you can do to support LDOnline. This goes beyond donating money, although they do have a button for that. It includes easy, non-monetary ways to help, too.

The Features section is a potpourri of topics worthy of your notice. Of particular interest are the personal stories. They give hope, encouragement, and different ways of looking at situations that we find in our lives. LDOnline includes a way that you can submit your own experiences in a written or video format.

When I look at both of the names for Learning Disabilities and Attention Deficit Disorder, conditions that people can live and thrive with, I understand that these names can have negative connotations. Think about it. Disability. Disorder. One of the main reasons that I appreciate LDOnline is their prevailing attitude toward Learning Disabilities and Attention Deficit Disorder. LDOnline is all about self-determination and advocacy. Their website empowers people to seek ways to make their lives better and to fulfill their dreams. These are also reasons why they are the BellaOnline ADD Website of the Month for December.

To learn more about the latest research on ADD and having a reading disability, this is a great article. It can be found on the ScienceDaily website.

Elsevier (2010, December 8). Common genetic influences for ADHD and reading disability.ScienceDaily. Retrieved November 30, 2011,

If you know somebody who just can't seem to grasp how difficult having ADD or a learning disability can be in a classroom, show them this video. Rick Lavoie takes his audience through a series of experiences that they will never forget. This PBS video, and its follow-up video companion have my highest recommendations. Save money and go green-buy a used copy.

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