Summertime on Low Carb

Summertime on Low Carb
Summertime is easily the best time of year to be on a low carb healthy diet. Everything you eat is salads, fresh veggies, fresh fish, fresh on the grill! Embrace a healthy way of living - and get out and enjoy the sunshine!

First, remember that low carb is all about avoiding unnecessary sugar. It's EASY to do this in the summer when all the fresh vegetables are inexpensive and plentiful. Make yourself up a delicious salad with fresh tomatoes and cucumbers. Add on some cheese and egg bits, and have a side of tuna fish with that. Delicious and good for you!

There are so many fresh summer veggies to choose from. I love zucchini grilled up, or go for summer squash. You can do a kebob with green peppers and onions.

For meat lovers, the options are endless. Grilled salmon and swordfish are delicious. I often crave a nice tuna steak. You can grill up chicken breasts easily, with any number of marinades. There are the ever-popular steaks, too. Even if you just have a tiny back patio, get a tiny grill for it. Foods taste so nice when they're grilled, and the fresh air will do you good!

How about dessert, you ask? Never fear! I have a ton of delicious low carb ice cream recipes on this site. They take maybe 1/2 hr to make with pretty much any ice cream maker, so if you start the process when you start eating, it'll be ready when you're done! These are *delicious* ice creams - they taste completely natural, and you can make them in any flavor you want pretty much. No sugar added!

The best part of all about summertime is that the opportunities for healthy exercise abound. Go for a walk. Go bird watching. Go for a row at your local lake. It doesn't have to be pain-inducing exercise. Just get moving, even a little. You'll find that as you build up your muscle mass, that muscle burns calories at a far faster rate than fat does. That means just "existing", you will burn more fat up every day. Which then means you're lighter, so you're more likely to want to go walk and do things. Which means you build up more muscle mass, and it snowballs! Make an effort each day to do *something* active.

Note that I'm not talking about body builder levels of muscle mass :) I'm just talking about the regular, normal muscles that people have to go up and down stairs! Even those small normal amounts of muscle can make a huge difference in your daily metabolism.

Get started today!

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