Invisible? Ghost? Wear Sunglasses at Night?

Invisible? Ghost? Wear Sunglasses at Night?
So you put on your shades, and have your eyes closed behind them. That should do it right? Especially if you wear those sunglasses at night, right? That should be enough to make you invisible? You can just go about your business of pretending you’re taking care of life and not just wasting time on nonsense right? You can pretend that hurtful heartless things you do don’t matter. Does this sound like you or someone you know? Are you pretending to be invisible to avoid doing what you should be doing or the consequences of something you’ve done? Do you think that if you are invisible maybe you won’t have to ever grow up because no one will be able to see that you really are now old enough to be a grown up and to therefore act like one ? When Halloween time rolls around is it a foregone conclusion that you will be a ghost or the invisible man or the invisible woman?

Guess what, it won’t work. Even if it’s the 31st of October and Halloween Magic is in the air and you have an awesome costume you can not make yourself invisible no matter what you do. I know what you’re going to say, you’ll cover yourself up with a sheet and pretend you’re a ghost because ghosts are supposed to be invisible, right? Well, I’m not sure if there are real ghosts who are really invisible but your body under that white sheet isn’t invisible, it’s just a big white lump even if you tuck your feet up under the sheet and you know what? We can still see you!

Not shades, nor sheets nor any other disguise can make a person invisible and even if they were invisible no tricks or camouflage can make the results of what they do or have already done disappear. The consequences of a person’s actions, current or past, will still linger even if they think they are not physically visible.

So I suggest you be mindful of that fact and act accordingly. Don’t do things that you wouldn’t want people to find out about, especially those people whose opinions you value and take to heart. Don’t be misbehaving if you can’t accept the consequences of your actions, and you’re going to wish you were invisible if your actions become common knowledge or everyday gossip in your circle of family and friends. Behave appropriately with honesty and kindness and enjoy looking right into the eyes of the people who you interact with. Let your conscience be your guide. If you don’t know where your conscience lives now, it’s probably because you haven’t been able to see it with those dark shades on. Take them off and become reacquainted with your conscience, yourself and the people who love to look into your eyes.

…Because you know those shades are dark and may make you think you are temporarily cool, but the people around you can still see you and still know about or can find out about what you do, even with your eyes closed, even at night, even though you’re trying to pretend you’re invisible. GUESS WHAT, YOU’RE NOT!

Best Regards,

Kate Woods
Signature Rose

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