The Original Video Nasty Banned List

The Original Video Nasty Banned List
Here we present the list of 75 movies that were wanted by the DPP on the grounds that their content was most likely to ‘deprave and corrupt’. The number of films on the list did vary, sometimes reaching as many as 83 and other times going as low as the early 50’s. There were other films that did not make the list, but were singled out as titles for rental stores to avoid, just in case. These included 'Basket Case', 'The Thing', 'Videodrome', 'Maniac', 'Friday the 13th' and 'The Hills Have Eyes.'

1. Absurd*
2. Andy Warhol’s Frankenstein*
3. The Anthropophagus Beast*
4. Axe*
5. The Beast in Heat*
6. The Beyond
7. Blood Bath*
8. Blood Feast*
9. Blood Rites*
10. Bloody Moon*
11. The Bogey Man
12. The Burning*
13. Cannibal Apocalypse*
14. Cannibal Ferox*
15. Cannibal Holocaust*
16. The Cannibal Man*
17. Cannibal Terror
18. Contamination
19. Dead and Buried
20. Death Trap
21. Deep River Savages
22. Delirium
23. The Devil Hunter*
24. Don’t Go in the House
25. Don’t Go in the Woods…Alone*
26. Don’t Go Near the Park
27. Don’t Look in the Basement
28. The Driller Killer*
29. The Evil Dead
30. Evilspeak*
31. Expose*
32. Faces of Death*
33. Fight for Your Life*
34. Forest of Fear*
35. Frozen Scream
36. Funhouse
37. Gestapo’s Last Orgy
38. The House By the Cemetery*
39. House on the Edge of the Park*
40. Human Experiments
41. I Miss You, Hugs and Kisses
42. I Spit on Your Grave*
43. Inferno
44. Island of Death*
45. Killer Nun
46. The Last House on the Left*
47. Late Night Trains
48. The Living Dead at Manchester Morgue
49. Love Camp 7*
50. Madhouse*
51. Mardi Gras Massacre*
52. Night of the Bloody Apes*
53. Night of the Demon*
54. Butcher, Baker, Nightmare Maker
55. Nightmares in a Damaged Brain*
56. Possession
57. Pranks
58. Prisoner of the Cannibal God
59. Revenge of the Bogey Man
60. The Slayer
61. Shogun Assassin
62. Snuff*
63. SS Experiment*
64. Tenebrae*
65. Terror Eyes
66. The Toolbox Murders
67. Unhinged
68. Visiting Hours
69. The Werewolf and the Yeti*
70. The Witch Who Came from the Sea
71. Women Behind Bars
72. Xtro
73. Zombie Creeping Flesh
74. Zombue Flesh Eaters
75. Zombie Holocaust

All those marked with the asterisk are the 39 films that were finally prosecuted and banned. Most, if not all of these films are known under a variety of different titles, varying from their original language titles, foreign release title and the title given to a cut print. A case in point would be the 13 alternatives for The Living Dead At Manchester Morgue and the 10 for Zombie Creeping Flesh. So if you have read the list and question why the notorious movie The Grim Reaper has not been included, don’t worry, it’s listed under the title The Anthropophagus Beast.

At last count, 47 of the original DPP list were available in uncut forms on DVD and at least 8 are still banned in the UK. Most of the DVD releases are Region 1 USA or worldwide Region 0, meaning that UK fans still have to import copies of these movies. But at least they now get a good picture, decent sound and usually a healthy array of extra’s, a far cry from the fuzzy, 10th generation, spliced together, uncut print of The Beyond that we were used to!

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