Natural Approach To Heart Disease

Natural Approach To Heart Disease
Is there a natural approach to heart disease? Absolutely!

Surprisingly enough, heart disease is the number one killer of American women. In fact, the death of women from coronary disease outnumbers the next sixteen causes of death – all put together. And, it’s twice as high as all cancer deaths combined.

What’s more, the first symptom for many women is often death. Of the 1.5 million heart attacks in the U.S. each year, one third or half a million result in death. Of these sudden deaths, 233,000 are women. Although more men than women have heart attacks and strokes each year, a much higher percentage of women die from them than men. This is because there’s less research and a lack of understanding about the symptoms in women.

But studies show that, for most women, coronary disease can be prevented - naturally. Of course, it takes commitment and discipline to make the necessary lifestyle changes.

Two separate studies of over half a million men and women were recently published in the Journal of the American Medical Association. The researchers proved conclusively that 90% of all people with heart disease have at least one or more of the following four classic risk factors – smoking, diabetes, high cholesterol and/or high blood pressure. And all of these risk factors can be controlled.

Smoking, for example, triples a woman’s risk of heart attack. However, by quitting smoking, she can cut that risk in half in less than a year. After ten years of not smoking, her odds are back to normal.

The other three risk factors, diabetes, high cholesterol and high blood pressure, can also be positively and dramatically affected by making simple lifestyle changes. It’s not complicated - eat a healthy diet, develope a good exercise routine, maintain optimum weight, reduce stress and take high quality natural human-food based supplements.

Through positive action in these areas, women (and men too) can prevent the great majority of heart attacks and resulting deaths. And, it can be done naturally. Don’t you think that’s worth making the commitment and establishing the necessary lifestyle habits? I do.

You can begin by learning more about human-food supplementation. My highest recommendation can be found at Give them a toll-free call and ask about their healthy heart program. You and your family are worth it!

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