Mushroom Bamboo Shoot Soup Recipe

Mushroom Bamboo Shoot Soup Recipe
Talk about super easy! This mushroom bamboo shoot soup can be made in about 2 minutes, is filling and only takes 3 ingredients. The perfect eat anytime recipe!

The key here is that everything comes in a can. The chicken broth, the mushrooms, the bamboo shoots. Even if your fridge goes on the fritz, or you lose power, or haven't gone to the store in days, as long as you keep some of these cans in your cupboard you're all set.

Ingredients -

4oz can mushrooms
8oz can bamboo shoots
14.5oz can chicken broth
white pepper

Pour the chicken broth into a bowl. Strain the mushrooms and bamboo shoots and add both in. Now sprinkle on pepper, white pepper and ginger to your taste. Cover and microwave for about 2 minutes. Of course if the power is out, find another way to heat this up :)

As far as carbs go, this is quite good. The chicken broth is only 2g for the entire can. Keep this in mind - you can make ALL sorts of soups easily from chicken broth. The entire can of mushrooms is only 2g, plus you get 2g of fiber too which is good for you. The bamboo shoots are less than 1g per serving, but there are multiple servings in the can, so we'll say 1g total. That's only 5g for a very large soup bowl. I can only eat about half of this for lunch before I'm full - so that's 2.5g for two servings. Of course if you're super hungry, you will get the full 5g, but even so that's very little carbs for a full meal - and it is very hydrating.

If you can, be sure to find the low sodium version of chicken broth. Chicken broth is notoriously high in salt, and even the low sodium version has a lot of salt in it. Salt is definitely not good for you in large quantities.

Other ideas of things to toss in here are:
* egg (mix it in once the soup is hot)
* water chestnuts
* small broccoli pieces
* small asparagus pieces

If you're deeper into maintenance phase, you can add in corn or peas - just keep in mind that these are relatively sweet vegetables, so have high natural sugars in them.

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