Natural Home Water Birth Pictures

Natural Home Water Birth Pictures
Natural water birth? You got to be kidding! What's so natural about water birth at home? Just check out these natural home water birth pictures to find out! (156)

Natural water birth? You got to be kidding! What's so natural about water birth at home? Just check out these natural home water birth pictures of my granddaughter below to find out!

You know those acquaintances who're always doing some radical new "far out" thing?

Well that’s how I first heard about home water births in 1985. At the time, natural water birth was brand new in this country. My pioneering client actually built a hot tub on her back deck for her home water birth event. It wasn’t completed until 2 days after due date – 1 day before delivery.

That was cutting it close, to say the very least!

Back in the 60’s I myself had chosen the radical (at the time) option of home birth. But in 1985, my child birth days were over. However, I never forgot the home water birth pictures and video of my friend’s baby shooting across the hot tub, as if he was coming out of a cannon.

And, when my daughter-in-law, Katie, told me she was interested in having a natural water birth, I said, “Go for it!” Katie already had 2 boys and a girl (one hospital delivery, plus two home births), and much preferred having her babies at home – such as a home water birth.

She was in excellent health and had a fabulous midwife. Giving birth at home felt friendlier to her - surrounded by loving family and friends, with her own music and access to nutritious food.

waterbirth midwife

The question was how do you have a home water birth without building a large hot tub? The answer is – thank goodness for the Internet! Everything she needed was right at her fingertips. So Katie let her fingers do the walking and found a great rental arrangement. The tub was shipped across country, assembled in the bedroom and filled with a hose from the sink. A built in thermostat kept the water at a perfect temperature.

Here’s what the experience was like from Katie’s own lips, “I just can’t say enough good things about it. Getting into the big warm tub had the relaxing feeling of stepping into a hot bath. I could just feel the tension melting away. The whole delivery process was easier and faster because both my body and mind were so much more relaxed.”


Even though the baby's birth weight was nearly as much as her largest (9 lbs.), Katie didn’t tear. (With all three of the others she needed stitches.) Her midwife, the same fabulous one from the two other home births, was amazed at the difference.

A special advantage was that my two older grandchildren, 7 and 5 ½ were able to be there when the new baby was born. Since delivery was so fast and easy, both children had a positive magical experience watching their new baby sister bob to the surface.

We like sharing this story. “I believe the more positive experiences women hear about, the more comfortable they’ll be with natural childbirth." Katie says, "I know it worked for me. And, the fact that I’m in such good health gave me the strength, endurance and confidence to go all natural.”

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