Government Shutdown?

Government Shutdown?
It’s becoming increasingly obvious that people who are less than logical are now trying to run the government. You may be thinking politics have nothing to do with relationships. You’re wrong. Political decisions and outcomes affect all of your relationships directly or indirectly. There are actually representatives in the US House of Representatives who are willing to shut down the government to advance their own personal agendas and political aspirations. They originally presented this package of bullish waste as budgetary matters, but now it’s becoming apparent that it’s about ideology that has nothing to do with passing the budget and everything to do with de-funding basic rights provided by social programs. So, how’s your relationship with reality and your country? Are you one of the lunatics or one of the educated professionals in this Asylum?

Politicians have always had a bad image to live down of being crooked, paid off, and self-serving. Thankfully, they are not all that way, but many of the conservatives in the US House of Representatives right now in these tumultuous times most definitely are self-serving. What’s even worse is the fact that some of them don’t even know the basics of government procedures that even children learned on shows like school house rock. They present bills that are clearly destined not to succeed by virtue of the fact that they do not follow proper procedure and are unconstitutional. Why do they do that? Because! They want to manipulate and control the people of this great country for their personal agendas and preferences. They apparently think that because they were elected that they can ignore the laws and procedures of government and that we will ignore their irresponsible behavior and their ignorance and believe that they have concern for someone other than themselves. They are punch drunk with power. They think that we the people are idiots that they can simply dupe for their own purposes. They masquerade as defenders of your rights while they whittle away at them disguising them as budgetary issues. They are playing sociopathic games with people’s lives. Budgetary issues are not the same thing as Planned Parenthood or EPA issues. The troops won’t get paid and neither will thousands of other federal employees. In a fragile economy they are trying to shut down the government and create financial havoc in the lives of all these Americans because they want to DENY health care services and stop birth control by de-funding Planned Parenthood. These representatives are truly behaving like unreasonable lunatics. You cannot protect and honor life by disrespecting the people who are alive and in need of human services.

This is the United States of America. Created by the people for the people it began by people being accountable for what they said and did and working together to solve problems, and to build stability. It proceeded to where even average American people could pursue great dreams. Some conservative governors are trying to strip basic employee rights from citizens in their states using workarounds. The rights of collective bargaining were earned by our parents and grand-parents who worked to provide fair treatment and representation for those in the working class not just those at the top of the heaps. The middle class of this country, the poor and the struggling are not rungs on a ladder for politicians who serve only themselves, big business and the zealots of society. We the people are not a poorly programmed software program to be used and controlled with workarounds. Nothing is gained by workarounds. The problems still exist they are just camouflaged and jimmied together.

Some of these people masquerade and compare themselves to George Washington. A more appropriate comparison would be to Benedict Arnold. Don’t believe or support these politicians who are masquerading as your saviors. They like Judas are truly only concerned about their pieces of silver extracted from your pockets. We are actually paying these people to betray us. With their game playing they certainly are betraying our troops, our children, women’s rights, and the future generations of our children who will have to breathe the air and drink the water no longer protected by the EPA.

Clearly we wear different labels. We are liberals, conservatives, democrats, republicans, tea party members, but there is one label we all wear – Americans. We as Americans have the privilege of being allowed to have different opinions on government and religion but we should all remember that there is one principle that we all must share – UNITED WE STAND, DIVIDED WE FALL. We cannot sacrifice people today to make a better future for our children. If we do not save our todays, there will be no tomorrows for our children.

The people at the top who are overlooking the horrific results to the people being eminently and immediately hurt by this political nonsense as well as all Americans in the future, remind me of the people in the Gladiator movies with their thumbs turned down indicating that the person who was a little weaker should be sacrificed for their enjoyment and to enhance their feelings of power. Who are these people representing? They certainly aren’t representing me. Think about it. I mean, REALLY think about it. Is this the American Way? I certainly hope not.

Don’t believe what is unbelievable. Don’t support what is undocumented. Don’t give up all the personal rights our parents and grand-parents earned. Don’t be manipulated by politicians pretending they are representing and protecting you and your children. If they sound insane they probably are; cooler saner heads must prevail. America’s future depends on all American’s finding their common sense and taking the high road not the low road to higher ground. Get involved. Your future and the future of your children is dependent on it. Are the lunatics running the asylum? Don’t stand there shaking your head in dismay at them. Get involved. Are you a lunatic or a proud American? Contact the offices of your representative and tell them you're tired of the games and the workarounds. Pass the budgets of this proud country based on funding the government not on riders that have nothing to do with the budget.

Best Regards,

Kate Woods
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