The Meaning of Nature's Colors

The Meaning of Nature's Colors
Colors have a powerful impact on our perspective, thoughts and feelings. Did Mother Nature know this when she created her landscape of greens, blues, and browns sprinkled with yellow, orange and pink sunrises?

Red is frequently used to promoted the feeling of urgency and stimulation, thus the use of this color at fast food restaurants. The bright red flashing signs and counters at take-out restaurants are typical for inciting feelings of increased hunger and appetite. It is not too often that we see bold or dark reds in nature. When we do they are bold and bright in the change of autumn leaves, inspiring that last burst of energy before settling into a long peaceful white winter.

More often, we see blue, in the skies above us. Isn’t it amazing that this very blue promotes a sense of calm, peace, tranquility and comfort? It is as if Mother Nature knew to provide humans and our fellow furry creatures living in the forest with a ceiling of warmth and compassion on a daily basis. We all know how we begin to feel when grey skies settle in during our rainy seasons, washing out that calming blue.

At the same time, how equally inspiring that Mother Nature gave us green beneath our feet. Green promotes stress relief, and is thought to be a symbol of fertility as well. This makes sense as grass and plants, all green, grow and grow throughout the centuries and years no matter what acts of nature or humans may interfere.

The browns of the trees also induce calm in us as we literally feel more connected when viewing this color. As trees are deeply rooted, they symbolize that connection that the color promotes in us.

Mother Nature of course knows the importance of yellows and oranges as they inspire in us energy and excitement. Yellow and orange also promote healing. Again, quite amazing when we stop to think about how absolutely energized and healed we feel when watching the sun’s rays sprinkle through the trees.

The next time you walk through the forest, look up at the blue hues of the sky, or the golden moon shining through the night, soak in the colors of nature that remain there for all life, created thoughtfully by Mother Nature.

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