Love is in the Air – Valentines Day Must Be Close

Love is in the Air – Valentines Day Must Be Close
Can you feel it? That on the tip of your toes anxiety and on the tip of your tongue romantic innuendo is symptomatic of having been shot through the heart with Cupid’s arrow. You would think that it would hurt to be shot by Cupid’s arrow but it actually seems to cause tingling all over. Sometimes it causes tingling all over first and then actually it does end up hurting if things don’t work out; but for now let’s focus on the tingling love is in the air feeling that accompanies Valentines Day.

If you are lucky enough to be in love around Valentines Day it can genuinely be a day that takes your breath away. A romantic card, mood music, a heart full of candy or flowers or jewelry or perfume are some of the traditional things associated with the game of love that is played on Valentines Day.

Do you wonder why this day is called Valentines Day and how and why it’s connected with love and romance? It’s named after a priest who defied the King and held marriage ceremonies after the King decreed that soldiers were not to get married. Father Valentine held secret marriage ceremonies. Apparently he was a great fan of love and marriage.

So what do you expect and need to make your Valentines Day memorable? Must you have hearts and flowers to be satisfied or would a few heart felt hand written words or a poem be equally if not more sweet; and what can you do to make a special someone’s heart go pitter patter? In all probability most women prefer a romantic gift. Many women love romantic cards and at the very least they generally want a Valentines Day Card. After all from as early as kindergarten Valentine card exchanges indicated friendship and love and in most schools if you were exchanging Valentines you had to give one to everyone. Some things you just expect to receive as an adult because you received them from childhood all through adolescence and Valentines appear to be one of them. Even some guys get a grin on their faces when they get a card with a heart on it.

Valentines Day can be fun, but truly showing love to someone is not about cards and hearts, it’s about love and trust and caring and sharing and keeping your mind and heart open to trying to accept and understand another person. These will outshine any card on any.

So what do you do if you love Valentines Day but you don’t have someone special to share it with? Perhaps you should find a different way to interpret this passage from Corinthians. “Love is patient, love is kind … love never fails…” Love is patient and you must be too and you may have to patiently wait for it to arrive. Love may be kind but if it requires Cupid’s intervention it may not come without a little bit of a sting. Love never fails. If you’ve patiently waited, and endured the sting, hopefully you will find a love that’s true, and true love, never fails.

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