Unhappy? Rock & Roll

Unhappy? Rock & Roll
Are you an active participant in your own life or are you a complaining spectator? Lately it seems that almost everyone has something to complain about. Given the state of the world these days that’s somewhat understandable, however, if you are merely observing and complaining instead of actively participating in not only your own life, but life in general, perhaps you are your own biggest problem.

There is a childrens’ song with the following lyrics: “if you’re happy and you know it clap your hands, if you’re happy and you know it then your life will surely show it, if you’re happy and you know it clap your hands.” Well, that should also be true if you’re unhappy and you know it, but if you’re unhappy and you know it shouldn’t you do something about it? Are you observing your life instead of actively participating in it? Are you like the people at a dance that stand around the room and watch while the dancers rock & roll and fully participate in their own lives? It’s an even worse scenario if you are one of those people who watch the dancers and criticize them but never try it yourself? Listening to music without dancing is certainly fine and music alone can be very stimulating and inspirational and therapeutic. But aren’t you tired of listening to the music of your life and being afraid to be an active participant in the dance of life?

Maybe your life is really difficult and you feel like there’s no point in trying to improve it and you are content to be a spectator. If that’s the case then it’s probably not a good idea to make excuses for all your difficulties or to blame them all on the government, or the republicans or the democrats, or anyone else you can think of blaming. Maybe you’re a lousy dancer, translated as an active participant in your own life; but you really don’t have to be a great dancer to join in the dance and to rock & roll. This is America and in this country everyone has the right to rock & roll.

I am not by any means minimizing the serious difficulties many people are facing now; and I am certainly not inferring that music and a good attitude can solve life’s serious problems but sitting on the sidelines of your life and doing nothing won’t solve any problems either. Try to do something active to improve your life everyday, no matter how small an effort. Every tiny effort builds on previous tiny efforts and can create positive changes. Make an effort.

Be an active participant in your own life, turn on some feel good music and rock & roll. If you’re unable to get up and dance then close your eyes and imagine that you’re dancing. There’s more than one way to dance your way through life. The important point to keep in mind is to make sure you make an effort every day to be an active participant in your own life. So, come on, ROCK & ROLL.

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