Cleaning and De-Cluttering the Bathroom

Cleaning and De-Cluttering the Bathroom
The very first and critical part in cleaning and dejunking your bathroom is to clear out everything that isn’t being used – from every square inch of the room. You will need a large trash bag and quickly (and surprisingly) you will fill it up. Any outdated prescription or makeup, old shampoos, conditioners, lotions, bath oils, broken brushes and combs. EVERYTHING. You will need to empty every drawer and every cupboard. COMPLETELY.

While you have the room emptied, you will want to scrub every surface. The sink, counter, tub, back of toilet, toilet seat, toilet bowl, floor, inside medicine cabinet, mirrors, garbage can, floor boards, etc. Use the cleaners that are you old stand by’s or start fresh with new ones. Your choice.

Once everything is sparkly clean, before you put things back, it would be a great idea to replace the shelf and drawer liners with fresh ones, making sure you wipe everything down as you go.

Once you are ready to put things back, you need to make a decision on what each are of storage is going to be classified as. For example, will the medicine cabinet be for toiletries or cleaning supplies? What about hair and manicures, makeup and first aid products? Everything needs a home. Once you determine what will work for your family, wash your items as you replace them. (combs, brushes, etc.)

Mini storage containers are especially helpful in the bathroom for sorting rather than just having a shelf full of "things". Example: A friend of mine has a 24" long plastic basket that is about 6" wide and fits perfectly along the edge of the shelf in her bathroom closet. This contains all liquid soaps, body washes and lotions. Another smaller plastic bin holds bar soaps. Another holds headbands and larger hair accessories. Assign different containers individual purposes. Some suggested sorting ideas: Lotions and skin care; facial care; hair care; manicure; first aid; and cosmetics.

Some things that are especially helpful are:
1. Having a shower rod on the back side of the bathtub/shower area – this can be used to hang swimsuits, towels, etc on without cluttering up your entire bathroom or having them drip on the floor.

2. Keeping three drawer containers under the sink – one drawer for each person that uses the bathroom.

3. Laundry hamper: one without a lid so that it can catch all of the towels and clothes. If you are lucky and have a closet – get one that fits on the floor on the bottom.

4. Different colored towels or washcloths for each person using the bathroom. This will enable you to know at a quick glance just who is the culprit at the mess left behind.

5. Keeping shower paraphernalia in a basket that can be removed from the shower/tub when not being used. One for each person would be idea. (especially handy for guests.)

Keeping things clutter-free and organized will help you stay on top of the cleaning of the room. Once you have it set up – then you are less than 10 minutes away from being Company Clean every day!!

Good luck!

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