Fibromyalgia Show Me Where It Hurts Video Review

Fibromyalgia Show Me Where It Hurts Video Review
Finally, I get a chance to tell you all about the video, Fibromyalgia Show Me Where It Hurts. This video offers a sensible medical explanation for fibromyalgia coupled with the latest research as evidence of the actual cause of the illness. Patient testimonials are dispersed throughout the video not only describing the pain experienced, but also, discussing other symptoms of the disease as well.

This video is a “must have” for individuals who are trying to help their family and friends to understand the turmoil of this disease. The history of fibromyalgia is explained, as well as the diagnostic criteria. The simplicity of the information makes it easy to comprehend the medical research discovered by Dr. Patrick Wood at Louisiana State University Medical Center. Dr. Wood, the originator of dopamine theory, discusses changes in the brain experienced by fibromyalgia patients and shares his clinical research on the dopamine theory. It is his belief that chronic stress affects the brain chemical dopamine. He further explains how a lack of dopamine affects fibromyalgia patients and its symptoms.

"[People should] identify . . . the things that's causing them stress. Now, that may mean making some really hard decisions as far as lifestyle changes. But, until you can get the stress out of your life, or at least reduce the stress, you're probably not going to make very much progress." - Patrick Wood, MD

Dr. Wood goes on to make suggestions to reduce stress, and explains treatment options and medication strategies. For example, four common causes of widespread pain were discussed and described in detail. These conditions can accompany fibromyalgia patients, and if left untreated, the patient will continue to experience pain. It's worth purchasing this video for this pertinent information.

Although the medical side of the disease is explained in simple terminology, I really enjoyed the personal testimonies of patients explaining the symptoms that often accompany fibromyalgia but are not treated or acknowledged by many physicians. Nancy describes her fibromyalgia story after a car accident left her with severe neck pain. She is later seen carrying on activities that she had not been able to do prior to treatment. I believe every patient in the video mentioned the cognitive problems associated with fibromyalgia. One patient described this symptom as having a "fibro moment.” Inability to concentrate and memory problems were described in detail in these testimonials and the affect that this symptom has on their lives. Laura puts it best when she says, "The hurt is really deeper because I've seen the death of dreams, aspirations and achievements-and the disappointment . . . because I had this [Fibromyalgia] for so long, and was not able to achieve what I wanted to in life." Yes, the pain does go deeper, and I love how this video addresses this issue.

I love the fact that these patients expressed hope in their comments. As Laura continues, they have found relief from "the prison of pain.”

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