Paranormal Glossary M to W

Paranormal Glossary M to W
Here is the last part of the Paranormal Glossary.

Metaphysics – literally means beyond physics. Any unexplainable happenings that science can’t explain or have a reason for happening are usually branched under this term.

Occult – means “hidden”. Although many occult practices are no longer hidden as they once were, what was once considered odd or strange practices are usually defined as occult by mainstream society.

Orbs – circles of light in photographs that are evidence of spirits in the vicinity of the environment the photo is being taken in. Skeptics like to claim these are dust particles light is being reflected off of.

Paranormal- Beyond the normal of human or scientific explanation.

PARAPSYCHOLOGY – beyond psychology, it also means the study of different forms of “normal” communication between beings

POLTERGEIST – a “noisy” spirit. I often get into debates about this term because I was taught there are no such things as poltergeist. When a poltergeist is reported in a home, there is usually a girl in the house getting ready to hit puberty or has just started puberty. It has also been said that paranormal activities that occur that are classified a poltergeist happen when there is emotional stress in the house.

PRECOGNITION – knowing beforehand, sometimes people have dreams then the next day or some time later the events occur. Sometimes déjà vu’ is felt because of this.

PSYCHIC – person who is able to use divination methods such as a crystal ball, tarot cards, etc. to tell about someone’s future or answer questions a seeker has about their life.

PSYCHOMETRY – the ability to touch an object a “read” the imprints of energy on that object to tell about the history or owner of the object.

REMOTE VIEWING or RV – is also referred to as remote perception, enhanced perception, extrasensory perception (ESP). It means being able to be in one place but see something happening in another place or another time. This subject is gaining more and more popularity.

SCRYING – an umbrella term used to define methods of divination that may be considered forms of ESP. Some scrying methods include the use of water, dowsing rods, a crystal ball, flames of a candle, etc.

SHC- Also known as spontaneous human combustion. Where a person starts on fire for no apparent reason.

TELEKINESIS or PSYCHOKINESIS – the ability to move an object without physically touching it.

TELEPATHY – the ability to “hear” what others are thinking.

TERRAFIRM – a connection to the Earth as if you are a part of it

U.F.O.- Unidentified flying object

Wraith- An apparition of a living person that appears as a portent just before that person's death.

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