When Cleaning Up After Sick Family Members

When Cleaning Up After Sick Family Members
There is nothing worse than being sick. Or is there? When you are the one expected to clean up after throw up or fecal matter on the carpet, tile or linoleum then you know that it really is worse to be on CLEAN-UP duty!! I have a few tricks and tips that I hope you will find useful.

When the person has gotten sick on beds, there are a few options. First, when you have young kids they make mattress pads that are WONDERFUL for keeping the 'yucky' stuff from actually getting on your mattress. (hint hint) However, if you don't have a mattress pad then there are a couple different things you can try. For blood: Hydrogen Peroxide will take blood out of anything. Use a small amount on a small area to test to make sure it won't sap the color but, I have found it to work on upholstery (after a trip to the vet and the pet tore their stitches) in cars and have used it on mattresses with no problems. The next one is vomit and fecal matter. First you need to wipe up the 'chunks' (sorry there is no nice way to phrase it) as best you can. When you have it off then you can use a baking soda paste (part baking soda / part water)and let it sit on the mattress for about five minutes and then wipe up with a rag. Rinse and repeat as necessary. The baking soda will help pull out the 'smell' as well.

When the person has gotten sick on the carpet: again the baking soda trick is ideal but, you want to test it on a small discreet are of your carpet first - just to make sure it doesn't pull color. I have never had any problems, but, it is always safer to check. Hydrogen Peroxide will pull out any blood - again test it on a small surface!

On linoleum and tile you will need to wipe it up thoroughly with a wet washcloth or rag as soon as possible. It can stain. If it happens to stain you can try the baking soda tip or the hydrogen peroxide to pull out the stain.

I know it sounds crazy, but if it happens to get on your walls (I still, to this day do not know how my stepson got it EVERYWHERE in the bathroom)wipe it up as soon as possible. The sooner you spot it the easier it is to clean up. If it has stained you can use your favorite cleaning product to clean it or the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. (I LOVE that product). Usually, though, hot water and bleach water will get it off the walls lickety-split!

Good luck and don't let the 'sickness' get you down!

Make it a great one!

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