Karma - Good, Bad and BALANCE! What's That?

Karma - Good, Bad and BALANCE! What's That?
BALANCE - what’s that? There are always so many bad things going on in life with a few good things sprinkled between them that it’s hard to realize that the best state of existence we can attain in our lives and our relationships is probably BALANCE.

It’s true, most people have said or done something they regret and perhaps they feel that they have paid for those errors in judgment with whatever Bad Karma has intermittently descended upon them.

It is also true that most people have done some very fine, noble and good things and therefore feel well served by their own behavior when every now and then Good Karma finds them.

But in between the Bad Karma and the Good Karma is normal existence, an even plain of going with the flow, making due, finding the happy and minimizing the sad moments of life. That is Balance. It’s a state of waking to a feeling of comfort and falling asleep in a state of peacefulness. Balance is the state that makes the happy moments happier by comparison and unfortunately the bad moments filled with deeper despair. Assuming that most of us will work each and every day to wake up and not earn a visit from Bad Karma from bad behavior, and that the normal difficulties of life don't find us too often, finding a state of BALANCE is about as good as it gets in a weak and weary world. BALANCE builds strength while calming and healing you and leading to a state of personal well-being. Personal well-being allows us to be the best person we can be and that allows us to pursue our goals and to accomplish great things. BALANCE in life is like the BALANCE in the universe. You can count on the balance of the sun and the moon, day and night, light and dark, and Good and Bad KARMA and when you have BALANCE in your life you can count on YOURSELF.

Like someone standing on a log that is floating in rapidly moving water, life requires you to move left, move right, shift your weight, change your focus, hold on tight to your balancing rod, loosen your grip – at all times move to and fro as needed to maintain your BALANCE. It’s that BALANCE that makes each day a magnificent experience that may have periods of difficulty here and there but it’s never boring and it’s filled with opportunities to rise above anything or anyone that tries to make you lose your balance to fail or fall … And remember, everyone loses their balance sometimes and falls. Seek out your wellspring of Good Karma and get back up. Regroup and find your BALANCE within yourself and within your relationships.

If you are floundering in a personal relationship, focus on its good aspects and on your partners good aspects and perhaps that will help them to do the same and maybe together you will create some Good Karma by your mutual act of kindness that may lead to new BALANCE in your relationship. If you fall off the log or the balance beam of life – get up. Balance is above you. Reach for it.

There is no shame in falling down, the shame is in not getting back up.” - Chinese Proverb

Until next time, have a warm heart but be COOL! Be happy, be well, and be the best you that you can be!

Best Regards,

Kate Woods
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