I Make My Own Happiness - A Mantra

I Make My Own Happiness - A Mantra
This month’s Mantra is about Happiness. Sometimes it comes easily and unexpectedly and sometimes it’s very elusive like a flitting butterfly or a magical starfish drifting by in the sea water. It’s not always easy to catch sight of it and it often eludes you; but if you are persistence you just might catch a glimpse of it fluttering or floating by and you just might catch it. We all know people who just don’t want to be happy. They dwell in an abyss of confusion, sadness and perpetual discord with themselves; and they blame their unhappiness on someone or everyone else. Sometimes their toxic behavior and words are like poison to the happiness of others as well.

Each of us has a responsibility to ourselves to make our own happiness. To that end this mantra was written to remind us to do just that. Read it often as a gentle reminder or just repeat the opening line, or the opening and a choice of one or two additional lines each day to repeat throughout the day for a little lift. Because, you and only you, are responsible for making your own happiness; you must lift up your head, lift up your spirits and make a commitment to yourself to enhance your own happiness each and every day.

I Make My Own Happiness - A Mantra

I make my own happiness.
Only I am responsible for my own happiness.
I am committed to being happy.

I make my own happiness.
I am the keeper of my laughter.
I can let it out or bottle it up inside.

I make my own happiness.
I am the creator of my own joy.
I can allow myself to experience it or to stifle it.

I make my own happiness.
I am the creator of my own fun.
I can bring the fun with me or leave it at home.

I make my own happiness.
I am open to true love.
I can keep my heart open or refuse to take a chance on love.

I make my own happiness.
I control my expections.
I can expect less and enjoy more or expect more and enjoy less.

I make my own happiness.
I keep an open mind about life and new experiences.
I can be a flexible thinker or narrow-minded and bored by the status quo.

I make my own happiness.
I am willing to share it with people who appreciate an environment of happiness.
I am also willing to walk toward the sunshine alone if they refuse to see its brightness.

I make my own happiness.
It is my protection, my barrier, my shield, my salvation.
I enable myself to appreciate the ability to simply experience happiness.

I make my own happiness.
I reject all negativity in thoughts, words and behavior.
I reject toxic people who try to poison my happiness.


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